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body love conference logoOne of our favorite bloggers, Jes Baker of the Miliatant Baker and the infamous Attractive & Fat campaign spoof of Abercrombie & Fitch, has a new project called the Body Love Conference. This will be so great for women! It’s tagline is “Change Your World, Not Your Body” and is a positive event meant to help build a supportive environment for women. Topics of the conference will include the history of the beauty myth, the concept of aging, post-birth bodies, how to alter clothing, body positive movement through different forms of exercise such as yoga and dance, self expression through writing, how to counteract self hate, and why it’s crucial to challenge social norms.

Jes breaks out the stats that women see “over 200 negative body image advertisements on television per day.” That is crazy! Sadly, we don’t even realize all of the negativity we are taking in on a daily basis. Those stats are just for television, not to mention the Internet, magazines and the ads we pass by on the street.

militant baker
The Body Love Conference will take place in Tucson, AZ on the University of Arizona’s campus in April of 2014. BUT, in order to make this event a kick-ass reality Jes needs our help. Please support this great event by donating what you can to get this project off the ground. You can donate as little as $1. That’s right, $1. Help her reach her goal of $10,000 and then come out to support this great event next April.

Read more about the project and how you can donate here

Don’t forget to share the project EVERYWHERE! Let’s support!

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