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From the TCFStyle Expo: 10 Tips to “Level Up” Your Brand!

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This year’s TCFStyle Expo is over, but we are STILL combing through our notes for all of the tips we learned from our special guests. TCFStyle Expo guests heard from models, designers, hosts, and all sorts of industry folks. By far one of my personal favorites was the “Level Up” panel on day three.

The panel featured Youtube makeup guru Princess Bellaaa, plus size model Liris Cross and 2019 TCFStyle Expo Squad member Shainna Tucker as moderator. They discussed how social media has been a useful tool to help them share their message, spread their brand and level up their business.

Plus Size Influencers Teach Us How to Level Up

TCF Style Expo Level Up panel
2019 TCFStyle Expo

Ten Tips to Level Up on Social Media

Below are 10 tips we gathered from the panel discussion to help you use social media to level up your business, brand and life:

  1. Use Instastories to connect with your audience. Liris shared that she views her Instastories as her own “personal reality show.” She shares pieces of her life, behind-the-scenes footage of her shoots and keeps an ongoing dialogue with her followers.
  2. Be Authentic and Yourself. “I tried to be something I’m not – and my followers didn’t connect as much,” Princess Bellaaa shared. Your authenticity and uniqueness are what make people want to follow you. Find your voice and then keep that voice. 
  3. Tell Stories that Resonate. Be a storyteller; create a narrative that your followers can follow and enjoy, “make it feel like someone is on a journey with you,” Liris counselled attendees. Think about some of the most popular content and personalities out there right now – they’re all creating relationships with their audiences via stories. 
  4. Back to the Basics. All three ladies agreed that we STILL need to be doing the “basic” things on our social channels. Namely consistency with posting, thoughtful captions, responding to comments. While it may seem like these are well-known concepts, we still need a reminder.
  5. Use the Right Hashtags. “Use the right hashtags, that’s how people find you,” Princess Bellaaa shared. Do research on the hashtags in your niche and use the correct hashtags. *Pro tip: you can follow hashtags on IG! Use that feature!

    Liris Cross Level Up Panel
    2019 TCFStyle Expo
  6. Engage With Your Audience. “People like to feel seen,” said Liris. We cannot agree more – when people feel like you are reading their comments, engaging with them and actually having an exchange, it creates a following. 
  7. Video is the Next Wave. Princess Bellaaa started her career on Youtube, “I started doing makeup for fun, and I got better and better at it, and more followers.” More people are looking at videos for entertainment.
  8. Treat it Like a Business. Because it is! Your social media represents your brand. Therefore, you should treat it like a digital business card. “Follow up in a timely manner,” Princess Bellaaa said, “and don’t leave money on the table.” Be prompt, professional and about your coins.
  9. Remain Humble. When the following starts to get big, don’t let your get head big, too! Keep yourself humble and remember why you’re doing what you do. 
  10. Think About What’s Next. For Princess Bellaaa, expanding her brand into merchandise is what’s next for her. For Liris, getting back on TV and in video is where she is going. What about YOU? Social media is just another tool, so don’t let it be the end of your story.
TCFStyle Expo Level Up Panel
2019 TCFStyle Expo

The Plus Size Industry is a Force! Let’s all “Level Up!”

Whew, that was a LOT of info, right? These ladies shared some amazing pro tips and we hope you can use them. We all know that more companies than ever are paying attention the plus size world. That means there are some great opportunities out there for all of us.

Are you following any of these social media tips? Or, got any tips of your own to share? Let us know in the comments and over on my Instagram

We had so many great informative sessions like this, at the 2019 TCFStyle Expo. If you missed us in Atlanta this year, don’t worry, because we have all the tea here on the TCFStyle Expo Page!

We can’t wait to share it all with you!

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Written by Jess Sims

My name is Jess (hey girl hey!) I am a plus fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle blogger doing this for the people who love muted tones in glam styles that they can take from the boardroom to happy hour and beyond.

I’m originally from California, but have lived all over - England, New York, North Dakota, DC. I work full time in corporate America and love using fashion to express myself.

In addition to contributing at TCF, I blog over at A Neutral Life.

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