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Is The Representation Of Plus Size Women On Reality TV Finally Changing?

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2014 was such an exciting year for plus-size fashion and it looks like reality TV has finally taken notice! Multiple networks are producing shows and plus-size women will have more opportunities to star in their own reality series. Will it be the same old stereotype or something fresh and exciting and positive? Will we see the fashion forward, complex, layered, playful, and loving life ladies that we know YOU to be?

We mentioned Whitney Thore on the list of Plus Size Women to watch for 2015. She is the star of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life which just debuted!

whitney thore The show chronicles Whitney’s love of dance, and her fresh outlook on life after rapidly gaining 200lbs due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). She started the #nobodyshamecampaign movement and has become known for the success of her “fat girl dance videos.”

Lifetime recently started airing a new docuseries called Big Women: Big Love.

Big Women Big Love CastThe series which premiered this month, takes us behind the scenes of the dating lives of five plus-sized women, their experiences with bad dates and navigating the tricky, sometimes harsh dating scene. I am sure this is something we can all relate to and it’s actually refreshing to see a different point of view from curvy women on experiences in love and life. I am curious how this win pan out though. Can we talk about this? This show and dating?

Plus Size Model Bo Stanley made an appearance on the ABC’s Bachelor- did you catch that? We still have Curvy Brides that is coming back this Spring for season TWO! How awesome is this?!

What is also really cool?“The Original Runway Diva,” Sharon Quinn has landed a show on a local New York station! Model Behavior is an Educational Talk/Variety series that focuses on all things in the Fashion/Entertainment Industry.

Model Behavior (like her page on FB here) is all about educating people who aspire to have a career in fashion and/or entertainment, be it out in front as a model or backstage in production! You ever wondered how or why? Well, the show focuses on the proper steps to follow to have a successful career in the fashion industry from industry veterans who have already achieved that goal! How about that?!?! Well, for example, for all of you aspiring models, here is the show:

Learn more and watch Model Behavior here!

I am loving all of this growth, the business of, and the opps that are happening across the industry and on TV! I know other things are coming so it will surely be exciting to see!

Are there more opportunities for curvy women on reality TV and who will you be watching? Are there any other shows that we have missed?

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  1. Yes, yes, and yes! I am here for ALL of this! I love reality television and it’s so important to see POSITIVE images of yourself reflected back on television…as in, NOT the butt of a joke! Do you know how disheartening it is to only see people on tv wearing glasses when it’s a commercial for, say, Lenscrafters? Consumers are not that ignorant – we KNOW what you think of us…it’s time to change perceptions by changing the imagery. I haven’t had a chance to see these shows yet – they are sitting in my DVR 🙂 Very excited, though….

  2. I’m shocked Marie that you say that because when that designer in Atl had that show on WeTv none of you in curvy community had nice things to say about her or the show! It was positive and showed plus women in a great light. I heard the show was canceled due to lack of ratings so how do we want good tv shows about us but don’t support it or watch it?

      • I never said you didn’t post about it. I read your post and I read all the other post of how those ladies were talked about. Call her “colorful” was shade and made everyone think the show was another stereotype of plus size women, but it wasn’t. It was the best show other than curvy girls to date that showed us in the best light. If you bloggers are so about the advancement of the curvy community then why was this your only post? I understand you ladies get paid for promotion but still we can’t complain if we don’t help. And throwing shade does not help. Also I follow about ten plus size bloggers and none of them posted about it. Hopefully we will get more shows like the ones on this post to support. Thanks for responding!

  3. I am happy that TV is giving a look at Plus women. I can’t say that I agree with all of what portrayed, but I am glad that we are on center stage. Yes, I think real curvys have a shot at getting a piece if Hollywood. We have to support and show the networks we want to see more.

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