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Rachel Pally White Label Spring and Summer 2014 Collections

Rachel Pally White Label Spring and Summer 2014 Collections

Rachel Pally White Label Spring and Summer 2014 Collections

I am here for the love of Rachel Pally! I am not sure if you know or have noticed, but I have a serious love for the Rachel Pally White Label and Rachel herself… Being a Cali living girl, I find life and my style most times on the easy breezy side of things and this line embodies all of what I think my life can be at times…  I am a legit fangirl of the brand and make no apologies about it.

Like even before I started blogging, I followed the brand when they first entered Bloomingdales and researched their partnership with Nordstroms. I was in love with Rachel Pally from the moment I touched the fabric- I am or can sometimes tend to be quite particular with fabrication on my skin… but dude. YES. If you have NEVER had the pleasure of brushing your hand against the weight and blend of her fabrics?  YOU ARE missing out.

SO, when I saw both the Rachel Pally White Label Spring and Summer 2014 Look books, I knew that I had to share immediately! Let me jump right into it:

Rachel Pally White Label Spring and Summer 2014 Collections



I pulled out my favorite pieces from the collections, sharing with you the pieces that have me all hyped about life. But let me TELL you why Rachel Pally Dresses are dope, especially given the recent conversation that erupted on FB about her prices:

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  • Rachel Pally is a contemporary line based in Southern California. She is not a fast fashion range.
  • Her fabric choices are top notch. It can be like better or velvet. LOL. Once you try on a dress from her, you will KNOW the difference. The weight of the fabric allows the dress to perfectly skim your curves in ways that are QUITE alluring.
  • Her items are colorfast. I am the queen of easy breezy no fuss, so if my clothes cannot be washed and dried in the dryer, I tend to think twice about it. Anywho, Rachel Pally’s items have NEVER faded on me. And some dresses that I have had for almost five years are in the same or damn near brand new conditions form when I got them! REAL TALK.
  • They do not shrink. I do not know what magic she has in that fabric, but yessssss. I love knowing I can wash her pieces and not have to worry about her fits. Consistent, non-shrinking, non-fading, easy wearing pieces that make my life.
  • And on top of everything, they are timeless. No matter the season, I can always (as I shared on Instagram this week) pull out one of her pieces and feel special and fancy… she does that.

But you can check out and shop Rachel Pally White Label here!

If you are wanting to catch her items on sale and if you live in LA area, please check out the Rachel Pally sample and warehouse sale this weekend! A PERFECT CHANCE TO SCORE pieces and meet the Rachel Pally Family! (like for reals!)

Do you have a few pieces from Rachel Pally? Have you had the opp to play in her clothes? I wanna see you in your dresses too (you can always attach them to your comments too!)

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