Not Your Momma’s Press On Nails – The Sets We Are Obsessed With!

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Not that we’re not a fan of natural nails, but press on nails just do a little something extra — minus the extra work. For some people, nail salon visits are reserved only for pedicures and depending on who you ask, eyebrow upkeep.

Nowadays, more people are investing in a quick at-home mani that looks sickening but takes very little time.

A lot of press-on nail sets you find can be fairly basic, and that’s not a bad thing. However, there are a plethora of nail artists who offer up some sick designs you’ll rarely find in-store (or that fit your nail size).

Between the amount of pearl and crystal accent nails to the simple, but chic matte almond shapes, there’s something on this roundup you’re bound to fall in love with for your self-care day.

One thing to note before you purchase any of these is to measure your finger width. A lot of nails you can buy online from nail artists specifically make their nails in several sizes (or even custom).

Grab yourself a measuring tape and get to shopping. Here are some of the sickest press-on nails we’re seriously feeling right now:

Not Your Momma's Press On Nails - The Sets We Are Obsessed With!

Are any of these press on nail sets up your alley? What shape and/or length do you usually go for? Do you have a favorite style not on this list?

Drop your feelings on these nails in the comments!

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Written by Ari

Ari is a plus-size blogger and writer with a focus on representation in fashion and beauty from a Black, fat, and queer perspective. Having worked in media for over 10 years, she has delved into television and fashion show productions as well as public relations. Ari and her work have been featured in Bustle, Apartment Therapy's sister site, The Kitchn, Revelist, Narcity, Refinery29, The Cut, the late, and now The Curvy Fashionista

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  1. Okay, these are pretty but like so many of us… how do you know they will fit? Will they stay on? How well can you apply them?
    I am a licensed Nail Technician, (Cosmetologist and Esthetician)). I make my living taking great care of my Nail Clients and customizing their needs and fit of each and every nail. Many of my clients have at least one nail that has an injury or is just a “bit different” than the rest. We can discuss and I can customize so every one of their nails fit and wear properly…let alone shine on. : )

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