Your Thighs Will Thank You! MedZone Launches PlusZone!

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We’ve all dealt with skin problems at some point in our lives and we know skin is such an important part of our body, so no matter what, we will do anything to skin is on point! One of our main concerns in the summer is CHUB RUB, dealing with it is not fun at all! But now we can worry less; you wanna know why? Medzone is launching its new expansion brand PlusZone, providing us with awesome products to combat ChubRub & other skin conditions!

For those who don’t know about Medzone, was initially created for the medical professionals, athletes, and military, but the products have been adapted to work for athletes, active people, law enforcement, military and for certain healthcare needs. Whether you chafe, are prone to sunburn,windburn, blisters, aches or have arthritis one of their products can help you. What’s even better is that all of their products are made in the USA (*chanting* USA! USA! USA!).

They gave us this awesome news by announcing its new expansion brand, PlusZone, which is targeted specifically to the plus size community. PlusZone’s main product would be ChafeZone, best-selling stick roll-on lubricant that prevents chub rub. We are so excited to have a brand that caters to the plus size community and is aware of our needs! And we are proud to say they were one of our 2017 TCFStyle Expo Community Sponsor! If you were a VIP guest at the expo you were able to take home a sampling of their products.

This decision follows the success of our sports medicine products in helping athletic enthusiasts overcome skin irritations and the realization that consumers outside the sports space are in need of similar solutions too. We’re excited to broaden our reach to help new consumers and feel that PlusZone is an exciting milestone on this journey.

They are committed to serve the plus size community and its needs by offering a great range of products to take care of our skin and minor conditions we can carry. Skin irritations seems like no big deal, but IRL it can be painful and annoying, not letting you enjoy the little things in life. Now we can say bye bye to these problems, thanks to Plus Zone!

To learn more and shop their products go to

So ladies, do you suffer from ChubRub? What are some of your remedies? Have you tried ChafeZone? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Team TCF

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