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Take a Peek! 15 Fancy Plus Size Panties to Try!

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When I’m home alone, I loveeee to prance around the house wearing only a tshirt and my panties! I mean, why not? You can be comfy and free in just a pair of panties, right? Hehe… There are a few things to consider when looking for the perfect pair of panties, because, whenever I go out, I do NOT want to spend the day worrying about how my underwear feels. You want something that fits well, feels comfortable and sexy at the same time, annnnnd that is of amazing quality! So why not refresh a few of your plus size panties with some playful options? Why not?

If you are looking for a new pair of panties- something cute or sexy, I found some plus size panties that will surely make you feel some type of way… You know, that feeling of “I have got on theeee most segzy pair of panties” or “I am a sexy beast” feeling? That. There is something about rocking a pair of pretty panties that have you feeling confident, bold, and ready to take on the world… I know I cannot be alone here! Soooooooo, to help you out, I found different options for you! There are so many different patterns and fun colors for you to try!

Take a peek at the options below! From boy shorts, peek-a-boo options, to our favorite comfortable thongs (yes, they do exist), we have a few options for you!

15 Plus Size Fancy Panties to Try

Which one caught your attention? I’m obsessed with lace pantiess. I always have to have a few of them in my panty drawer. They feel soooo comfy and I surely feel super sexy when I wear them! But of course, it always depends… Sometimes, I’m in the mood for lace panties, sometimes, I need them to be boyshorts or briefs… You know what I mean, it all comes down to the mood.

How about you? What’s your favorite must-have style of panties? Are you ready to do some shopping? Because I am, it’s time to buy new panties for this summer!

Let me know you favorites in the comments!!Take a Peek! 15 Plus Size Panties to Try!

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Written by Team TCF

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  1. I am really loving the first set, the matching bra and panties look amazing! Also love the first pair of soraya boyshorts, the colours are stunning!

    • I know what you mean Renae Kidd! I’m bigger than these models. I’ve got lumps and rolls & things ride up or slide down or just plain don’t fit.
      I know it’s hard to cater for all the variations of plus size, but they never seem to cater for the big fat gut – you’re supposed to be curvy but still have a flat stomach.

  2. Why are there no bikini briefs in plus size? pear shape women have flat waistlines irrespective of their plus sizes. I discovered real joy in bikini briefs, the string rides on the waist and gives hip room.

  3. I bought some stuff from adore me, they have some sets with panties up to 4x, and I’ve been super impressed. I wasn’t expecting to like them at all… but yeah! TOTALLY happy!

    Edit: WAY nicer than Addition Elle!!! (I’m Canadian!)

  4. Saw some ladies wearing the red ones at edc last weekend. Well not exactly the same ones, but only
    One of them pulled them out her but. Smh! #becomfy #notforher #nomoretightywhitey

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