12 Plus Size Pajamas For Every Single Mood

PJ’s that fit you and every one of your moods

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It’s a New Year, but a lot of us are still enjoying lounging about as we phase into this new decade. While you’re enjoying your at-home vacay or just chilling in your spare time, wear your best plus size Pajamas.

You may not be going anywhere, sporting something cute and (more importantly) comfortable can make you feel like you did something — even if you did nothing at all.

Honestly, when it comes to plus size pajamas, we have a tendency of just throwing on an old T-Shirt and boxers that we stole from bae’s closet. But now that we’re in 2020, it’s high time we do better and treat ourselves to some real sleepwear pajamas.

And the ones we’re pulling for this new decade are far from the nightgowns your mom wore.

As of late, a lot of people have been borderline wearing sleepwear and lounge wear as clothing in these streets daily. We’re obsessed with the fusion, however, some of us just want a regular degular plus size pajama set — one that’s very obviously meant for your couch and bed.

Listen, we’ve got OPTIONS! There are slinky sexy negligees from Hanky Panky and how can we forget the sick sets from Savage x Fenty’s lineup?

Ready to shop? Here are some of the best (we think) plus size pajamas on the market.

12 Really Cute and Playful Plus Size Pajamas You'll never want to take off!

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Regardless of your personal style, there’s something in this list to fit a nighttime and daytime lounge look to reflect you.

Pajamas are sometimes the last thing you’re looking for until you need some. Let us be your saving grace in your time of need!

Are any of these plus size pajamas calling your name? What’s your stay-at-home mood? Do you prefer sleeping in less constricting clothes or something sexy?

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12 Plus Size Pajamas For Every Single Mood

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