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8 Plus Size Magazines You Should Be Reading

8 Plus Size Magazines You Should Be Reading

Plus size fashion Magazine- SLiNK Magazine

Did you know that there are a bunch of online and print plus size magazines?? Fashion, beauty, relationships, sex, plus size news, plus size models, inspiration, body image…whatever you’re looking for these magazines have got you covered. Each magazine has its own style and there’s something for everyone. Subscribe to one or subscribe to them all…most are FREE!

If you are looking for plus size editorials, personal features, news about the plus size industry, who better to tell it than the plus size publications? They do exist and while we do not see them readily on the newsstand, they do exist- and some with print on demand options! I for one love seeing varied options and outlets to cater to the varying plus size woman… didn’t we address this on Monday with the Rise of Contemporary Plus Size Fashion?

Well, please scroll on, click through, and peruse the magazines that you should know!

Here’s a little peek into each magazine.

8 Plus Size Magazines You Should Be Reading

Plus Model MagazinePlusModelMag_BlackIssue

PLUS Model Magazine is the the source for all things plus size modeling. It regularly features plus size models on its cover and in its pages and gives advice on how to break into the business and succeed. This magazine and active blog is also great at breaking plus size news stories and featuring a wide variety of plus size fashion retailers and designers.

 Daily Venus DivaDailyVenusDiva Feb 2014 Issue

Updated daily, Daily Venus Diva is one of the leading plus size online destinations. Each month a new plus size diva graces it’s online cover along with a featured interview. They offer a wide mix of fashion, beauty, relationship, entertainment and lifestyle news that is relevant to plus size women.

Skorch Magazine Skorch Jan 2014

Want to see the latest in plus size fashion? Skorch is great at showcasing street style and the latest fashion trends from designers and retailers. It’s also a great pick for plus size brides as it features a Plus Size Bride section.

 Dare MagazineDare Magazine Holiday 2013

Dare Magazine is Canada’s first plus size fashion magazine. Get your celebrity fashion fix, exclusive interviews, breaking news stories, shopping guides and more! Subscribe to their quarterly magazine for free, plus check out their frequently updated plus size news stories.

Slink MagazineSlink Magazine

UK based Slink Magazine is not just a magazine, but they also have their own plus size clothing store, Slink Boutique. Their boutique has on-trend items in sizes 16-26. Slink Magazine is published bi-monthly, but you can get news updates on their site and on social media several days a week. Their tagline “Styling your curves fashioning your life” sums up their mission.

Volup2 MagazineVol Up 2

This quarterly French/English magazine was started by the first supersize-plus model in Paris, Velvet d’Amour. Velvet wants plus size women to embrace their bodies and to have a place to go to see not only body diversity but ethnic diversity as well. The magazine features a variety of shapes, sizes and skin tones on its covers.

See Also

Pose Magazine

plus size magazine- Pose Magazine
Pose magazine is unique in that it is a plus size fashion and lifestyle magazine for women AND men. They feature fashion articles and celebrity interviews, but their articles about body image, self-love and everyday plus size issues are real and where they really set themselves apart. This is a must read magazine for those seeking great inspiration.

 Curvaceous Inc Magazine

Chenese Lewis for Curvaceous Inc February Cover

Curvaceous Inc Magazine out of the UK has won awards for its inspiring content for curvaceous ladies worldwide. They encourage women to embrace their curves and to be proud of them. They even have a curvy calendar featuring gorgeous plus size models, like Liris Crosse, for sale on their site. You can get their issues for a mere £1.80.



Did you know about these plus size magazines? Have you checked them out? What do you think? Leave a comment and let’s talk it out!

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  • Hi! Thank you for informing us that there’re so many plus size magazines ! I’m going to check them out for sure ! I’m currently reading a Japanese plus size fashion magazine, La Farfa ! I’m loving the contents! I think it’s suitable for girls who love cute and sweet styles.

  • Plus Model Magazine and Daily Venus Diva don’t look as well produced as the other magazines on your list. The typography is cluttered and looks like student work. The cover is what makes you pick up the magazine. All of the other magazine covers such as Dare and Slink look well produced, clean design and typography and looks like a mainstream magazine that I would see at any news stand. I am excited to see Plus Size magazines in a high fashion context and not just catalog style. Thanks for sharing this list. On a side note I am seeing Theary Sim everywhere she is on one of your covers and the cover of Skortch features one of her designs. Looking forward to seeing the fashion world recognize Plus Size high fashion in more magazines in the future.

    • Well, okay @awnicaflixbrowne:disqus. Each Magazine has different aesthetics and purposes, so obviously, those two arent your mag of choice. The point here was to share and show various magazines doing something different. I actually like Plus Model Mag and I do not mind the Daily Venus cover…

      One of my covers? I dont produce covers or magazines… I share info on my blog????

      • I misspoke, not one of your covers but one of the covers you highlighted on your blog. Your question said, “What do you think.” And I said what I thought. The two covers I mentioned, Plus Model Mad and Daily Venus are magazines I would not pick up because I don’t think they look well produced. I’ve seen them, but would not look at them again because they are not pleasing to me aesthetically. Period.

          • Actually, I market to these magazines. I am a photographer that shoots Plus Size Models. Harsh? The only thing I said was that two of the magazines lacked the design aesthetic that keeps them from looking hi-end in my opinion. The rest of my comment was complimentary. I want to see more Plus Size representation done in the way of straight model magazines, with the same design and photography standards if not better. Scroll through the 8 magazine selections you posted with a critical eye. And look at the typography and design, there is a clear disparity. The cover design should match the content. Again, thank you for making us all aware of the Plus Size magazines that out there right now.

          • It would be great to see more editorial using plus size women I n all magazines, seeing women of all shapes and size looking fabulous is what it should be about! I go one will keep hoping…

  • I am a full figured size 16 cross dresser. Are there any magazines that cater to my needs. I do like to dress tastefully always with firm foundations and proper make up.
    Thank you
    Marlena May

  • Looking for how to dress with current fashion trends ie business, vacation or casual. Actual pictures … not just mention of items. I think women of all sizes wouldn’t be intimidated if we saw the WHOLE OUTFIT

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