Need Halloween Beauty Inspo? Watch These Plus Size Halloween Beauty Tutorials!

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Halloween is around the corner and finding the perfect beauty tutorial can be a bit overwhelming! Right? Well, while we have already shared a few fun plus size Halloween costumes to give you the outfit inspo, how about the beauty looks to pull it all together? 

We perused YouTube to find a few fly and innovatie Plus Size Halloween Beauty Tutorials from youtubers who know how to slay a face, right in time for Halloween!

Yes, girl! Beauty. Video. Tutorials. and more!

We’ve found some of the best of the best plus size youtubers beating their faces for Halloween and of course, we just had to share. It is one thing to put on a costume, but your makeup? Takes your whole fit up 10 notches.

So if you are looking to take home the best dressed costume award, then scroll down to take a look at a few of our fave Plus Size Halloween Beauty Tutorials!

10 Must Watch Plus Size Halloween Beauty Tutorials

Ursula by She Might Be Loved

How much do you love The Little Mermaid well She Might Be Loved recreation of Ursula is to die for!

Storm by Superb Stella

When the X Men team unites they bring you a STORM and so did Superb Stella in this vid


Dorothy by Gabriella Glamour

Here’s a two for one! Turning Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, delightfully wicked and giving Poison Ivy a new look, Gabriella Glamour is one to watch!

Pennywise by London in Style

Everybody loves a clown… Right? Just ask London In Style about her take on PennyWise!

PRIS from Blade Runner by Vintage or Tacky 

Are you a fan of Blade Runner? How about a fun PRIS from Blade Runner by Vintage or Tacky?!


Zombie Girl by Passion Jonez 

Night of the living dead was never so sexy as the version our girl Passion Jonez served up

Evil Fairy by BeYouBeautifull

You must tap your 3rd eye girl and BeYouBeautifull shows us her mystical 3rd eye fairy

Cowardly Lion by BeautyThroughBri

You’ve seen Dorothy from OZ go wicked but Briana-BeautyThroughBri kept her cowardly lion a classic


Chucky and his Bride by Jordan Hanz and RawbeautyKristi 

When a “Good Guy” finds a “Bad Girl” the 80’s come alive for these dolls Jordan Hanz and RawbeautyKristi has us stanning for Chucky and his Bride!

Jack Skellington of Nightmare Before Christmas by KolorfulKisses

This has to be one of the most creative jack Skellington videos we have seen and KolorfulKisses serves it up in this fun collab video!

We did our best to bring you various levels of inspiration and looks that can be achieved… we think! What do you say? Did we hit the mark on finding a few cool tutorials?

Can you see yourself jamming to your fav spooky tunes while getting your makeup on?

Tell us what you think about these Youtubers and their Halloween inspired makeup looks below & don’t hesitate to follow all of them on Youtube and IG!

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Written by Team TCF

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