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Instead of Lucky Brand Plus Sizes, We Now Have Lucky Brand Extended Sizing and It is Kind Of Cool

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Brands seem to be catching on to what the plus size customer wants. The SAME style options as their straight size folks, in our sizes. Such is the case with Lucky Brand, who has long carried plus sizes, but today’s news comes with a fun twist:  Lucky Brand Extended Sizing.

If you need to get your curves into new plus size denim for the spring, you are in for a treat. Instead of the traditional watered down options in plus sizes, that most brands seem to do, Lucky Brand has chosen to offer Extended Sizing to their product assortment.

lucky brand extended sizing

Not what we have experienced in the past. Nope… Not the We Wore What’s collaboration with Macy’s and the many other collaborations that give us only the basic pieces or 2 of the 50 options in a collection.

That’s right.

lucky brand extended sizing

Lucky Brands is giving us a true extension of their fashion options instead of a whole new collection!

With Lucky Brand Extended Sizing, you will no longer need to shop a separate assortment or feel like you can’t get the same items that for example, a size 4 shopper is buying.

You will have the same options.

lucky brand extended sizing

To kick things off, Lucky Brand will be launching extended sizing with 230 options! You will have the same options in the brands denim, tops and bottoms, tees, cardigans, and dresses.

Ha! More brands should take note from Lucky Brand’s playbook.

THIS is what we have been asking for from mainstream retailers, especially when they decide to add plus sizes to their collection. We want the same styling, silhouettes, options that a brand we love carries, JUST in our size.

lucky brand extended sizing

Lucky Brand is taking the steps to make this happen.

For the why, Lucky Brand wanted to make sure most of us feel included. Lucky Brand has made this change so that their shoppers, regardless of size, can “get the same styles or looks that we love and are standing for.”  

lucky brand extended sizing

Lucky Brand Extended sizing will see jeans sized 24 to 35 ( which we are assuming junior sizing) and fashion items will now be sized XS to XXL.

And get this, pricing for extended sizing will also “be consistent with Lucky Brand’s standard sizing offerings.”

lucky brand extended sizing

While this shift with extended sizing is cool, we have to challenge Lucky Brand to think about their full size range, and continue to push their options to at least a 4X.

At Least.

lucky brand extended sizing

Check out the Extended Sizing at!

For the spring and summer collections, you can shop the sizes online, BUT! Come this fall, extended sizes will be rolled out to Lucky Brand retail stores.

How many?

Not 100% sure, but from the looks of things, Lucky Brand is doubling down on servicing the plus size consumer! And listen, we are here for this…

What do you think about this shift? Does this make you feel more welcome?

Which brands do you wish would take these steps?

Can we talk about it?

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Written by Team TCF

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  1. So we’ve traded limited styles in larger sizes for more styles in limited sizes. I don’t see how this is more inclusive? They should have kept both 2x AND 3x when they “rolled this out”. Where did 3x go? Bad call in my opinion.

    • I couldn’t agree more! Now that they have launched “extended sizes” there are fewer options for me than ever before! They have gone from having a limited number of pieces for me at my size to none! How is that inclusive??? All they have left for me is the same stuff that’s leftover in their final sale section.

      • Right?! It’s really frustrating to hear “extended sizing” when what it really amounts to is fewer size offerings for customers.
        “Hey guys! We’re so cool! Now, if you’re a size 18 you can shop in the same section as the size 4s. If you’re any larger than 18, pound sand.”

  2. This is not a good thing at all and definitely not inclusive sizing. I reached out to Lucky to find out what size I should order if I previously ordered size 18 and 20 in their Plus Size. I was told I could order the Extended size 34 or 35. When I asked what the actual hip measurement is for the 34 & 35 they came back and it is 43″ for the size 34(plus size 18 had a 41″ waist/50″ hip) and the size 35 has a hip measurement of 45″(plus size 20 had a 43″ waist/52″ hip). Their new Extended sizing doesn’t even cover anyone that previously order Lucky Brand plus sizes!
    You should not be promoting Lucky or happy about this at all!

  3. No more lucky ? brand for me I guess they can call it unlucky for those who cannot squeeze into there new size range. It is just plain wrong in my opinion

    • Why do big business have to lie, lie and lie. Just say it, you no longer sale clothes for Plus Sizes, PERIOD. extended sizes are NOT plus sizes. Tired of Big Companies and there LIES

  4. I am disappointed that you are promoting Lucky Brand’s new extended sizing. I agree with the above commenters’ statements that this has made Lucky Brand far *less* size inclusive than they were before this change. They were my go to brand for jeans and casual tops for the past ten years. Now there is nothing there for me. So please, don’t pretend that this is some great advancement for plus size shoppers.

  5. I’m very disappointed myself with Lucky Brand changes. You can’t find plus size or extended sizing in the stores and you have to buy online. I’m confused about the what size I would be with extended size. For example, I’m a size 14 or 16 plus size and I no longer see those sizes with extended sizing. It’s bad enough, I can’t find clothing for my height 5’3 petite plus size but now this. I feel hurt and discriminated against because of my size. Has anyone notice lately, that the department store plus size sections has decreased the amount of plus size clothing. For example, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor and the selections are horrible. They even removed Rachel Roy’s plus size clothing. I feel the people who make the close are saying “well close weight if you want to wear our cloths”. Life is not easy.

  6. I don’t know what size to order from Lucky Brand anymore! I was a 2x in tops and 16w in jeans, but from the size chart I don’t fit into anything. This is a big flop. They just made it confusing and more limited! I sent an email to let them know, I bought a lot of their stuff in the past, too bad.

  7. Sounds like Lucky Brand is trying to fool my fat ass!! I wear a size 24 in the Ginger boot jeans. When I found them I finally felt good. Finally a pair a cute jeans that fit my day thighs. Now they have taken away the ONLY BRAND OF JEANS I COULD FIT INTO. I just don’t know what to do. I have looked everywhere for jeans that fit with no luck. I’m truly mag and broken hearted.

  8. Like pretty much everyone else, I am extremely disappointed that Lucky has chosen to go this route. If anything, Lucky Brand runs a little small to begin with & they should have expanded their plus range. I feel like what is really going on is they don’t want plus sizes wearing their brand, and I find that extremely offensive. I was also heartbroken when American Rag seemingly got rid of their plus range. I loved their babydoll tops because they enhanced the bust/ good curves while hiding the tummy. Lucky and American Rag were two of the few plus clothing manufacturers that offered stylish and cute *normal* looking clothing for plus-sized women. I hate how so many other plus “designers” make clothing that looks like it was designed for the 60+ age group. I have two suggestions for all plus designers: 1) Please make tops long enough to cover the lower abdomen COMPLETELY, and 2) design clothing to flatter womanly curves, such as empire waist, princess seams, decently low v necklines, low scoop neck, square neck, etc. and minimize/camouflage tummy area. We may be slightly larger than other women, but we are still WOMEN! I’m seriously half-tempted to start designing my own clothes.

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