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Go Graphic! 10 Tees From Torrid You Need This Spring!

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As we shed our winter coats and bid a fond farewell to colder weather, it’s the perfect time to grab a style staple every fashionista should have… Graphic Tees! Indeed, graphic tees seem to always be on trend year after year. Perhaps it’s because they are the perfect way to put a little personality into your fashion. It is very easy for me to speak about graphic tees, because I love them with the intensity of 1,000 suns. I would guess that if you looked at my closet 65% of the contents would be a graphic tee of some sort.

Where did I get the bulk of those tees? Torrid, of course! They have been my go-to source for fun and funky tees for years, and this year is no exception. Today, we’ve assembled a collection of graphic tees available for purchase at Torrid that are definite must haves.  Whether you dress them up, or keep it cute and casual… You will slay all spring and summer! Aww yeah! Scroll through the slideshow to take a look!

10 Graphic Tees From Torrid You Need

Slub knit fabrics are all the rage this season, and for good reason. A slub is an extra-fat lump in the cotton yarn, which used to be considered a nuisance. Now, because slubs give a well worn and more casual look to fabric, garments are made using slub knit entirely. It is this simulated aging effect that gives graphic tees their comfy appearance. I love a tee that looks as if it was passed down to me.

One that looks like my Mum rocked it in the 60’s, instead of me buying it 60 days ago!

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Did you find your next go to see in our list? My faves are the Drinks Well With Others tee, the Nintendo Ringer tee and the Premium David Bowie Burnout Wash tee. And of course, the Be Your Own Beautiful speaks volumes to me, as a person who is all about self-love and is not afraid to spread the word about it!

Which of these ten graphic tees from Torrid would make the PERFECT addition to your spring wardrobe? How would you rock them? Inspire us in the comments… We know you can do it!

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Written by Audrey Canady

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  1. Selecting the perfect graphic tee to suit your style is fun to dress up or down!!!
    I purchased one yesterday from NYandCo to pair with a lace knitted skirt. I will tie the tee in back so I could ruche up the front.
    Worn with denim jacket.

  2. Nope. Long-sleeved tees, short-sleeved tees, graphic designed or plain white. You can NEVER have too many. Whether you’re dressed “down” or dressed “up,” a T-shirt can breathe Life into your outfit.

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