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Shopping Already? Make Sure to Get These 6 Plus Size Fall Essentials!

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Time to pack up those shorts, tanks, mini dresses because Fall is near us! Time to pull out that box of sweaters that I know we’ve all got…guilty! Are you ready for yummy pumpkin spice coffee, infinity scarfs, and all those pretty colors on the trees? I know I am! Yesterday we gave you some tips to follow when shopping for this upcoming season. Today, we’ve got some plus size fall essentials!

Please, ladies do not be scared of the transitions, just like life, in fashion we also go through seasons and the best part is the process! A good trick is definitely layering, layering, layering. The weather can sometimes be tricky, it can be really cold when you leave but cool when you get back. So, you either put that layer on or layer it off! Here at The Curvy Fashionista we want to help you out with this fall’s essentials. And is it just me or do you guys also feel like you can do sooo much more during the colder seasons when it comes to rocking outfits?!

Not only are we hiiting the core fall pieces you need, but colors also. You know if you want to be on trend you have to know a little about it all! Sooo why keep you waiting, check out what we have on our list of fall essentials:

Shopping Already? Make Sure to Get These 6 Plus Size Fall Essentials!

Midi Boot

Shopping Already? Make Sure to Get These Plus Size Fall Essentials!Lace Up Heel Combat Boots (Wide Width) at

Let’s start off with the shoes! Who doesn’t love a good pair of boots? Of course we love the knee length boots, but you definitely should have a good pair (or 5) of booties. These combat boots are a perfect shoe to wear for day or night, casual or dressy attire.


Something Pink

Shopping Already? Make Sure to Get These Plus Size Fall Essentials!Truly You Contrast Lace Mini Dress With Insert Trim at

Now, I told you I’d let you know about those colors coming this fall. So with that being said if you don’t already have it, something pink is a must have! Whether it’s a dress, cropped sweater, chucks, or even a jacket you definitely want to make sure to have this color in your closet. We’ve got more on this falls upcoming color trends soon!



Leather Jacket

Shopping Already? Make Sure to Get These Plus Size Fall Essentials!Black Zip Biker Pleather Jacket at

If you don’t already own one, girl, what are you waiting for?! This will be your go-to piece to complete any look. Throw it over your favorite dress or tee and you’re ready to go. If you snag a good one you can recycle it into next fall, because the good thing is they don’t seem to be going out of style any time soon! We even gave you tips on how to find the perfect fit!


Midi Skirt

plus size skirt, plus size midi skirt, fall 2017 trends, plus size fall trends, Torrid, plus size essentials Ribbed Zip Front Pencil Skirt at

OMG one of my faves! What I would suggest is a high waisted one to pair up with a cropped sweater, and those midi boots I was telling you about, put those on too! What is the best is that you get you midi skirts in neutral colors such as navy, black, maroon this way you can easily match with whatever. You can’t go wrong with a midi!


Boyfriend Jeans

plus size denim, plus size boyfriend jeans, fall 2017 essentials, plus size fall trendsLevi’s Plus Boyfriend Jeans at

Who doesn’t love a good pair of boyfriend jeans?! I find them fun and comfortable. Wear them with booties and a body suit and there you have it a casual,but sexy “put-together” look!




Shopping Already? Make Sure to Get These Plus Size Fall Essentials!Danielle Waterfall Drape Front Cardigan at

Where do I even begin! Every length, whatever thickness, whatever button a cardigan will have your back this season. Knitted ones are super cute and wear them over any outfit imaginable and you’ll get a 10/10!

So ladies, there you have a list of essentials for this fall. This is just the surface! We’ve got more fashion and color trends for you soon. It’s always fun to add your creativity to a trend to give those around you a little taste of your vibrant personality. After all fashion is a part of self expression!

I want to know which one of these trends and pieces are you most excited about wearing for this fall? What colors or trends do you hope to see this season? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Team TCF

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