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Plus Size Art: The Art of Definatalie and Fancy Lady Industries

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As we play in plus size art, one of the people that I HAVE to give credit to is plus size blogger/artist/designer, Definatalie. For the longest time that I can remember, she has been one who has explored her talents and has grown them into a business that she runs, Fancy Lady Industries.

The plus size Art of Definatalie and Fancy Lady Industries on the curvy fashionista

I remember seeing her art of fellow plus size bloggers, but most significantly, I remember her for her “Fat” necklace. As a fat activist, Definatalie has been one who had spoken up and out on the topics of plus size issues and done with such a passion that she often and rightfully so ruffled feathers throughout the community and beyond. I love her for this… she got people talking, thinking, and speaking about the various actions and advancements throughout the community.

While she doesn’t blog that much anymore, Fat Lady Industries has taken on a life of its own with pieces that celebrate the plus size woman, in art, dolls, jewelry, and various other forms of expression that is inspiring.

I do not know why it took this long to feature her, maybe since we have started featuring more plus size art, but she deserves a solid nod to what she has done and today I share with you a  few of my favorite pieces that she has rocked out!

The Art of Definatalie and Fancy Lady Industries

But let me share a little bit about Natalie, aka Definatalie, aka Fancy Lady Industries…

“Initially blogging about art and design, I didn’t feel like my blog was an accurate representation of me so I decided to flesh out a part of me that was often whispered about and unduly concerned for – my fat body. I’ve been body positive since 2001, and I’m heavily involved in the fat acceptance community in Australia and online around the world. My blog is a very personal interaction with me as I write about my experiences and the processes behind my creative practice. I find more and more that my creative work is entwined with feminist issues like body image and size acceptance, and I credit my blog and its readers for helping me create a platform where I can present the processes and thinking behind the work I create.” -Definatalie

To see more, please visit Fancy Lady Industries and check out Natalie’s blog, Definatalie here!

How cool is this? Which pieces do you see yourself owning? Let me know! Sharing is Caring!

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