Petite and Plus Size: 8 Places to Shop and a Few Tips

Petite Plus Sizes


I have heard you my petite and plus size Curvy Fashionistas. In the comments, on Facebook, and on Twitter! You are looking for resources to shop that are tailored just for your curves AND your height. Finding the two to coexist can at times be hair pulling frustrating… since the original post, we have added a new contributor, Cass from Style Cassentials to assist on these posts, sharing a few of her tips, style inspirations, and finds for you!

BUT, there are a few places that cater, deliver fashion, and are quite accessible! It is all about the combination of these three! While it may take a little searching, I have wrangled up a few options for you to play with and in!

8 Places to Shop Petite and Plus Size


While a bit more conservative and classic in its style offerings, Talbots offers a full lifestyle range of petite plus size offerings, especially for your closet wardrobe staples from 12WP- 24WP.

Lane Bryant

Denim and trousers, Lane Bryant has a dedicated section on their site for your plus size petite offerings. I have not seen dresses or jackets here, but while you are shopping there, know that you have a few options here!

One Stop Plus

Avenue, Woman Within, Roaman’s, and Jessica London, One Stop Plus offers varied options in petite plus size fashion from jackets, trousers, denim, and dresses- all in essentials and classics.

Simply Be

Did you know that Simply Be has a dedicated selection of petite plus size fashion on their site? One of the most fashion forward selections that I have seen at prices that are wallet friendly too! YEP! Take a Peek!

Land’s End:

If you are looking for a few great work essentials, then you will find great fit and classic silhouettes at Land’s End. I am really loving this herringbone blazer offered here!


I recently shared my customization experience with eShakti in my latest personal style post here! Just about every item on the site tailors to your size and height up to a 36W!

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Macy’s offers its private label brands, INC, Charter Club, and a few other brands in a variety of styles in petite plus size. From jackets, coats, denim, and trousers- Macy’s offers a range of options to get you started.


While the range may be limited in the trouser and denim collection, one of the things I really liked about this site is that there are two different petite plus size lengths- short and extra short!

A Few Tips:

  • Become best friends with a tailor- This is not just a “petite” woman thing, but a woman thing, period. A tailor can make a ten dollar dress look like 100 with the perfect fit!
  • Patterns and prints can be rocked out too! I have heard a few of you say that “I’m petite” and cannot wear that as an excuse… NO! Just check for scale and placement! It is all about where you want to draw the eye to or away from!
  • DO NOT just shorten a pair of pants- The break in the knee is different and if you have done this in the past and wondered why they do not look the same, this is because chopping them alters the entire line of the leg. If you do get them tailored, make sure they are also accounting for the shape of the entire pants!
  • Dresses and Jackets- This is a tricky area, especially if you want a specific style. Pay attention to where the waist is emphasized and the length here! If you are lucky enough to have an amazing tailor, you should be fine. Regardless of style, a tailor is your best friend here!

While there are a few other sites that fashion a few options, I wanted to share those that had a breadth of items to shop from!

Are you a petite Curvy Fashionista? Where do you shop? What tips can you share? Leave a comment below!

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  • Simply Be is new to me, so I’ll be checking it out! And Talbots I tend to forget about, although for me, their prices are a bit high but I’ve heard the quality is great. I’m right on the edge of petite and regular (5’3″ and change) so I go back and forth. I have more length in my legs so I’ve got a shorter torso. For me, Lane Bryant’s shirts tend to be too long and overall the proportions can be off on some of their shirts so I’ve stayed away, especially when I moved down from an 18/20 to a 14/16 range.
    Great suggestions, thanks!

  • ok So I checked them all out. Price wise (which is the most important thing for me these days)
    I am really liking Simply be. Just about everything I saw there I can afford without feeling Guilty. Lane Bryant Has some fab skirts. Im well below the standard petite (5″ not quite 1 but I’m claimming it!) Thanks Marie

  • Glad you did this! I’m 5’1 and on top a size Large but on bottoms size 16W. Being short is not easy to shop, specially since most of my weight is at my hips and thighs. I usually shop at Nordstrom for jeans and have them hem a little bit. I’ve also shopped at Talbots and Macy’s however those 2 last ones for tops only. When it’s a quick or basic top like a tee I’ll get it wherever I find one I like and it fits. My main issue is bottoms since I feel that companies don’t realize we come in all heights and when you are short your hips/thighs carry most of the weight and I don’t want to wear a mumu or large top to cover it since it makes me look like I’m wearing the wrong size. :/

  • Yaayyy!!! EShakit has a few dresses I fell in love with.. AND… they give out a $25 credit for first time buyers!!
    AND.. AND… They CUSTOMIZE the Length and Sleeves TO MY Specifications!
    I can’t thank you enough!!!!!

  • Marie, You pointed me to this link when I wrote you last night and I cannot thank you enough! You have introduced me to some AMAZING sites for petite plus sized women, and I am forever grateful! I just cannot believe the selection of STYLISH (not “Grandma-ish”) clothes. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  • they left several places out.,, (plus), (plus),, the ones listed either are pricey or the clothes arent very trendy. hope this helps!

  • I am on Talbots email list for all sales and their clothes I used to shop Lane Bryant and loved their jeans but now not at all even there bras are not the same…….Disappointed in them…….I am looking for a classic black dress. I want one that will look amazing for years and all I can find is wraps and they are not My favorite or sleeveless. I live in Michigan Brrrrr….any ideas….

  • I’m 63 and 5 feet tall. Weighs about 145lb.

    I mainly shop at Reitman’s (in Canada). They have regular size, petite, woman plus and petite plus.

    I like the style they present to me which is upbeat, modern as well as in good taste.

  • I sometimes find great petites from designers Kate & Mallory on Also, QVC’s Women With Control have petites in plus sizes. Every season, she offers a nice two-pack of knit pants, one pair slim leg, one flared; or one cropped and one pedalpusher. For about $50. I get a pack every year. Choice of colors, too! It’s the tops and coats I’m struggling to find. Woman Within used to have a much bigger selection than they have now. And some of their fabrics are crap. You really have to read the fine print.

  • I shop at Macy’s for some things in Women’s and also some in
    misses sportswear.
    I love Karen Scott skorts and find they are generous for size, don’t
    Have wide hips and hit at or above
    the knee.
    Their XL tops also fit me when I was a 2x now a 1x.
    We have always known that better stores’ sizes are more forgiving.
    So try a few summer things in the Misses department. They are
    Generally shorter.

  • Having gone from a fashion school, I have always loved the houndstooth print for its classic vibe and you know in one glance that it will never be out of style like the all-time classic Burberry trench coat. But did you know you do not have to spend a lot of moolah just to look classy? Yes, you don’t have to! The key to getting that classy look is to take notes of the classic pieces and try to mix in-with-the-season fashion pieces.

  • I am going to be in Dallas for a few days for my daughter’s birthday and will be visiting the zoo and doing a lot of things outside and am looking for a maxi dress. I always have trouble finding a maxi short enough for me (I’m 5’2) and that’s lined (I’m scared of any bumps and lumps showing) – any suggestions?
    Thanks so much for this article. Will be checking out Talbots for sure!

  • Thanks for the tips for buying clothes. My wife is definitely petite, and it can be hard for her to find clothes that work for her. I’ll tell her to try and find a tailor to work with, like you said.

  • I never considered myself petite. I’m 5’6″ and wear a 16W. Work skirts and dresses were frumpy on me, with the hemline hitting me at the wrong place. I spent a fortune on tailoring. Until I found Talbots womens petite and JJill petite XL. Perfect.

  • Unfortunately, 5 years later and Simply Be no longer has Petite Plus. Talbot’s pants are always too narrow in the waist. Lane Bryant has few options. (We need tops too! And I think Lane Bryant is overpriced and their clothing is poor quality.) I’m 40 and dress like I’m 75 because I the options are so limited. If it fits around my tummy, it hangs to my knees.

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