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Parfait Launches #PerfectFigure
Parfait Launches #PerfectFigure

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What is the #PerfectFigure? Parfait Lingerie Asks this Question with their New Campaign!

Parfait Lingerie launches a campaign asking “What is the #PerfectFigure?” featuring six various women who embody confidence and self love with their inspirational individual stories in this campaign.

Thought it’s often stated as ultimate fact, perfectionism is subjective. Everyone has a different idea of what “perfect” looks like. Of course there is a societal-based standard on what “perfect” looks like when it comes to the perfect body type.Well, Parfait Lingerie is here to challenge that!

Parfait Lingerie is a size-inclusive brand with an expansive size range of 28-44 bands, A-K cups, and XS-4XL bottoms.

Parfait Launches #PerfectFigureWe are just dipping our toes into the new year, so the theme of “new year; new me” is still fresh in everyone’s brains! One of the most popular types of transformation is our body. Often times, those #goals are simply a journey to “fit in” with societal norms. Parfait Lingerie has launched a new campaign to challenge that very status quo.

What does it really mean to have the “perfect body?”

Parfait asked six inspiring women of varying backgrounds that very question and of course, received a diverse set of answers.

Want to meet the fabulous six? Let’s go!

Journalist and fashion blogger Amy Stretten is mixed race Native American from the Chickahominy Tribe of Virginia; Tanesha Brown (a.k.a. Vitiligo Queen) is a mother, makeup artist and motivational speaker living with vitiligo; Candice Kelly is a plus-size model, blogger and advocate, Tatiana A. Lee is an actress, model and lifestyle blogger living with spina bifida, Kelsey Rose is a mom-model-entrepreneur living with vitiligo; and Gloria is a vegan mom-model proudly navigating the modeling industry with visible stretch marks.

“To me, having a “perfect figure” means just being comfortable, 100% comfortable. Doing whatever it is you like, whoever it is you are. If there are things you want to improve on, do it. But not to be anyone else’s type of perfect. You only need to be the type of perfect that YOU are happy with and want to be!” – Tanesha Brown

“A perfect figure to me has nothing to do with one’s body type. Having a “perfect figure” means loving yourself just as you are, seeing yourself as perfect despite what flaws one may have according to society. Being a #perfectfigure in Parfait’s campaign means sharing my self love with the world, inspiring other women to love themselves unconditionally too.” – Amy Stretten

The campaign is full of inclusiveness, body positivity and self love and I am here for every second of it!

Parfait Launches #PerfectFigure

The campaign will evolve into dope influencer partnerships such as collaborations with bionic model @rebekahmarine, bra fit expert and body image advocate @hurraykimmay, plus size style blogger @nerdabouttown and more.

Parfait Launches #PerfectFigure

Learn more about the campaign and the brand, at

Also, you can look forward to a series of self-love sweepstakes and body-positive events throughout the year popping up!

What do you think! Let us hear all about it!

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Tonja Renée Stidhum is a writer/director made of sugar and spice and everything rice. She has the uncanny ability to make a Disney reference and a double entendre in the same sentence.



  1. Michelle F Holloway

    January 22, 2018 at 10:47 am

    All are beautiful and brave! My husband told me yesterday I was 4 foot tall and 4 foot round LOL. He actually rarely teases me about my weight. I am 5’4″ and a size 20-24 2xl to 3 xl. I find bra comfort tough and like granny panties!

  2. Saara

    January 27, 2018 at 2:52 am

    it’s all about the confidence of the woman wearing it. Being comfortable is key. Every woman, whatever her size and desires, deserves to look as attractive as she can.

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