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Naomi Watanabe in Hairspray Broadway Musical

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Did you Hear? Japan’s Production of Hairspray to feature plus size star, Naomi Watanabe!

The coolest news has been released about Japan’s production of Hairspray and it will star plus size celebrity, Naomi Watanabe as Tracy Turnblad!

Ohhhh, plus size visibility in the media has been on an interesting upturn. We are here for this… BUT. Something curious and exciting is brewing in the far East that has us geeked. Coming June of 2020, Japan will see its own version of Hairspray to hit the theaters and the Japanese plus size mega celebrity, Naomi Watanabe will be playing Tracy Turnblad! Thanks to a tip from Horror Kitsch Bitch, we are cheering along with and for Naomi!

If you do not know who Naomi Watanabe is, well let us introduce you! This comedian, plus size style trailblazer in Japan has been breaking barriers! From comedic skits to her own clothing line, Naomi has been bringing more awareness to size diversity in Japan!

As someone who grew up in Okinawa, Japan for four years, this makes me so happy!

Next year, in June 2020, we will be starring the musical “Hairspray”! I’m really happy. It’s a huge favorite since I first saw it in the film when I was 19 years old, so it’s too much tension and I’m going to do my best.

Immediately, I went to Naomi’s Instagram page and excitedly saw the flyer and news!  

Hairspray to feature plus size star, Naomi Watanabe


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来年、2020年6月に ミュージカル 「ヘアスプレー」 の主演を務める事になりました!めちゃくちゃ嬉しいです。 19歳の時に初めて映画で見た時から大大大好きな作品なので、まさかまさか過ぎて大大大緊張ですが頑張ります💪 私事ですが、芸歴一年目の時、後輩のNSC卒業公演の最後の締めを、一つ上の先輩がグループでパフォーマンスをしなくてはいけないくて、その時にヘアスプレーのモノマネをしたんです! 私はトレイシー役でジャンポケの斉藤さんがリンク役でみんなで口パクでワイワイ踊ったりしましたが、まさか、本気ガチのトレイシーが出来る夢が叶うとは思いませんでした。(当時は私達なりにガチでしたw)斉藤さーん!夢叶ったよ😭 お歌の稽古 ダンスの稽古 演技の稽古などなど…未知の世界ですが精一杯頑張ります🙇‍♀️ ぜひ皆様劇場に観に来てください! I will be playing the lead in the musical Hairspray starting June, 2020! I love love love this show and had wished to be a part of it when it happened in Japan, so I am extremely happy. It’s my first time playing lead in a musical but I will do my best!

A post shared by 渡辺直美 (@watanabenaomi703) on

Ohhhh, this is exciting. Especially as Japan currently has the plus size magazine, La Farfa! Not only that, they have been growing their plus size clothing options throughout the years! Watching how countries evolve their plus size options and inclusion with fashion is always a curious one. With the varying culture norms and perceptions, it is cool to see when there are more options to play with.

Naomi Watanabe in Hairspray Broadway Musical

Not only in clothing, but situations like this one, where Naomi, who has been killing the plus size superstar game! For Naomi to headline this show, THIS is a great way to give visibility to plus size women, not only in Japan, but throughout the world. 

You know what I cannot wait to see? Her clothing and her singing… I imagine that there will be snippets of her performance… Right? 

What do you think of this news? Is this just as curious and exciting to you too?! Let us know in the comments below…

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