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My Love EVERY Body Post- Better Late than Never and My BUM

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I have been going through a few changes as a woman lately. How I see/love myself, how I love, how I receive love, how I process things and just, life. Sure, at times we may all put on a smile and a laugh paired with the cutest of outfits, but inside, do you really love you? DO you really know WHO you are? These and other questions I find myself asking and finding the Love EVERY Body Workshop could not come at a better time… and while I am a few months late, I will spend the next few weeks playing catch up and allowing you into my thoughts and I invite you to do the same.

What is the Love EVERY Body Workshop?

“The Love EVERY Body will be a monthly body positivity workshop FOR ALL SIZES OF BODIES where we will attempt to slowly chip away at the body snark which permeates the media, water cooler conversations at work, and so many of women’s thoughts.”   Just Me, Leah

Finding this, I thought cool. This is really neat and I should give this a whirl. Like I said, I am in an interesting place with life and work and womanly thoughts, that I thought this a perfect time to do more introspective thinking out loud…

“If we can learn to look at our bodies in a new way – by shutting out our negative thoughts and concentrating on the great things about us – I believe we can raise our self-esteem and start to think more kindly, not only towards ourselves, but toward other women too. It’s about celebrating our differences and realizing just because someone is of a different body type to us, it doesn’t mean they’re any less deserving of all good things.”

The assignment:

May 2014 Assignment #6 – Bum. How do you feel about your butt? Is it muscled or squidgy? Do you have a freckled tush or maybe a tattooed one? Do you have junk in the trunk or a flat ‘un? Add photos if you dare or draw it, or perhaps write a poem.


My Love EVERY Body Post- My BUM

I have such an interesting relationship with my ass, my behind, my rear end… whatever I feel like calling it that day. It is funny that today, this is the first body part we talk about as I find myself daily grabbing my behind, lifting it up, only to watch it fall back down. I knew I never had a pronounced behind, but dammit, I had enough to hold on to…

But one thing is for sure, it has changed as I have over the years and while I have accepted its changes, I may not always like it. You see, in college, I was a cheerleader. Like, tumbling, toe-touching, squatting, and lounging cheerleader. My nickname there was “muscle booty” by some of my homeboys who played football. I remember initially being offended by that comment and then wearing that a as badge of honor. I loved my behind. It was perky, shapely, and it was… there. I still remember, and do not know where it is, this picture of my bum from the side. WOOO BOY. it was perfectly perky… in my head it was. AHAHAH.

My Love EVERY Body Post- My BUMNowadays on the other side of 30, it doesn’t sit up as it used to, but it serves its purpose: filling out my dresses and bottoms, making my lingerie sit pretty, and giving me something to shake when I dance! But, man, I do wish that I had a bit more cushion. LOL. I mean if we are keeping it real here… more bum, less thigh and more hips. I am JUST SAYING.

BUT, the behind I do have, I do own it. Trust me, if I wanna strut, I am going to give my behind an extra twitch in my hips ‘cause he’s watching. He he he (did you catch that?) You know, Tyra’s Booty Tooch literally gave me EVERYTHING as I learned how to arch, pop, twist and whatever to make that TOOCH happen. If we are keeping it real here… I wasn’t alone testing this out.

My Love EVERY Body Post- My BUM So my bum? I see it as just being there, enough to see that I have one, and if I really wanted to, I could squat it out. Right? Right.

Over the next few weeks on Weds, I will be catching up on the series, tackling assignments 1-5. If you want to know more about this workshop, please check out the Love EVERY Body Workshop Here!

What about you? What is your relationship with your Bum? DO you love it, hate it, own it? I want to hear from you.

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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