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Selflove-The Ultimate Affirmation for the Curvy Woman

Whispering sweet nothings to yourself

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The fashion outlook is quite different (in a good way), than it was a few years ago for the curvy woman looking to stay on trend. It’s a beautiful thing to see more images of curvy women on the cover of fashion magazines (can someone say Lizzo for the win?!). There are more plus size mannequins in store fronts as more and more clothing designers include plus sizes in their selections, making plus sizes a bit more mainstream. We are loving it!



But wait a minute though! Even in the presence of a bit more choice for curvy women, have we truly embraced these opportunities? Do we embrace how beautiful our curvy bodies really are? Or have the perceptions some of our Mammas sold us to us after the media sold it to them stuck in our subconscious? We have been told what our bodies should look like before we believe in our right to look in the mirror and say “Damn! I am fine!”. This messaging coming from various angles telling us what we should view as a more desirable body type, leaving a lasting dent in our self-image and love of self.


Today is the day we resolve to say no to those thoughts of self-sabotage Sweetheart. Now is the time we individually embrace true body diversity and body positivity. Every shape and size is beautiful in its own way and we are Team Curvy every day of the week!


To embrace our beautiful, curvy bodies we must learn to love ourselves from the deepest parts of us. SELFLOVE. This word is often misinterpreted as being only about one’s self, coming from a deep-seated selfishness. Selflove is the exact opposite. It simply means a regard for one’s own happiness and a commitment to ensuring that you find your joy. There’s no stopping a woman who knows who she is, who believes in all of herself, speaks it and exudes it in her carriage. A great place to start loving one’s self is by speaking tenderly and lovingly to yourself, exactly the same way you would speak to your lover. Affirmations are an excellent way to love up on yourself. Let these words of affirmations wash over every glorious bit of you as you acknowledge all of you on this amazing journey to selflove.

Say these with utmost love in your minds, hearts and voices to yourselves!


21 Affirmations for the Curvy Woman

I am worthy
I honor my body
I am pleased by my appearance
I am gorgeous
I am a gift to the world
I am the only Me
I am my own standard
The beauty in me attracts beautiful things all around me
I am the storm
I am the calm
I am a force to be reckoned with
My body is divine. It is pleasing to me
I am a Vibe
I am bright colors and sunshine
I am gold dust and starlight
I am honeysuckle and blossoms
I am sensual candy
I am deliciously curvy
I am happy
I am at peace with the world
I am the Ace


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Written by Amaka

Nwamaka Agbakoba is a business woman, entrepreneur, poet, selflove advocate and philanthropist. She is the owner and founder of MKCurvy, a plus size clothing line and fashion consulting business founded in Edmonton, Alberta and now located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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