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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for the Coffee Junkie

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for the Coffee Junkie

Last Minute Holiday Guides Coffee Junkie

We’re just about a week out from Christmas and if you’re like me you may still be wondering what to gift your friends and family. So, it’s no secret that Marie is a coffee lover, she breathes coffee, she dreams coffee! I mean there’s no better way to start the day? Am I lyin? All of my friends are coffee junkies too. So it’s only right that we give you a some last minute gift ideas of what you can get those coffee junkies in your lives right?

Other than the obvious gift cards to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts, what else could there possibly be that you could get someone who is basically a coffee addict? We’ve done some digging (and a little bit of shopping, because why not?) and put together a pretty cool list of gift ideas.

So keep scrolling, we’ve got some perfectly creative holiday gift ideas for the coffee junkie that lies in your heart.

Holiday Gift Guides for Coffee Junkie

Did I lie about creativity? I mean, how cool are these options?

Personally, I’ve been eyeing the Frank’s Body Scrub for a while and have heard some amazing reviews on it. So you know I had to share it with ya’ll and I’m tempted to grab some for myself! And you could never go wrong with a apparel that screams “Coffee Junkie”! I love the socks and the sweater! Perfect for lounging around the house or even wear out to run errands!

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If you were having trouble before with finding something to get that coffee junkie, you’re probably having a harder time deciding on which gift to get now!

So ladies tell me, what other ideas or items have you saw when shopping for the coffee junkie in your life? Any to steal for yourself?

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