His Two Cents: What I Love About You

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As we are still talking love, giving, receiving, and accepting love, for this post I wanted to write something a bit lighter and playful. I wanted to talk about a few of the  things about you that I love.

As a man who respects and admires a woman with curves, there is so much more to you, than your shape, that drives me crazy and I wanted to share that with you.  You will find, that your significant other pays attention, enjoys, and loves the smallest things you do- just as much as you enjoy the little quirks about us.

I wanted to share a bit more about what and how this looks like…

I could have done this before Valentine’s but since I do not celebrate love just one day out of the year, I thought now would be better.

Let’s get started.

What I Love About You

I have to say, watching you get dressed is about the most sexy thing ever! That is the ultimate pre go out foreplay.

PRETTY PEAR BRIDE- Meredith Chew David and Tania Photography
Image via PRETTY PEAR BRIDE- Meredith Chew David and Tania Photography

When you wear my shirts and it’s just a bit too short for you lengthwise, and your thick thighs poking from the bottom of the shirt. This. Is. Awesome!

I love when you climb into bed with freshly sprayed body spray (cucumber melon preferred).

I love it when you have on a maxi dress with freshly pedicured toes cute open toed sandals. It’s the little things you do…

I love it when you lay on your stomach with legs bent and crossed in the air? It’s about to go down.

I get a kick outta watching you stand on your tippy toes… That one too much! Lol

When you try on different pairs of shoes for me? Sexy!

When we go out together and I leave you alone for a minute, I watch you turn down other guys when they try and get at you. I feel so lucky and proud!

When you give me a shave. This is trust.

When you grab me and squeeze me when you haven’t seen me in a while.

When you try to sing and God knows you can’t. AND, and, you don’t know all the words! Cutie pie!

Lastly, I gotta say when you laugh uncontrollably to tears. This, is sooo sexy.

PRETTY PEAR BRIDE- Meredith Chew David and Tania Photography

I mean, I could go on…  But this is all to say; ladies there are so many sexy things about you all, that I can’t put them all down.

Just know your lover thinks a lot of the same things about you. Just watch them. When you find them staring at you for no reason or touching you when they walk by?

They likes whatever you’re doing- TRUST ME.

Sometimes you’re most sexy when you don’t try to be!

I’m just sayin’

Photos from Pretty Pear Bride by David and Tanya Photography

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Written by DJ

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