Going Deeper- 20 New Year’s Resolutions to Try

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Happy New Year

So, New Year’s Resolutions  Something we sometimes feel obligated to step into. Something we look to as a rites of passage into being more (insert whatever you wish). Yes, we are already 9 days into the New Year and I finally have come to some sort of conclusion as to where I want to grow and how, in ways that don’t stress me out and that I can look back on and say, go Marie!

As you read along, I want to hear from you! I want to know what your resolutions are, what you want more of on the blog, and how you plan on getting to your goals! Have a link, please share!

Here we go:

  1. Consistent Videos. I have finally ventured into this. With only one in, I am quite hyped about this venture! After doing quite a few videos for other folk, I need to get my life together to do this! I already have some lined up and I am really excited about this! Have you subscribed to my channel yet? Some will not even make it to my blog!
  2. Cult of Cali Launch: What Marie Denee WorePushing the Personal Style. Last year, I wanted to rock more separates and color. This year, I want to push myself and my personal style to its limits. While I often dress for practicality and comfort, I can find a way to add more flair and still keep it chic! I know this! I need NOT to be lazy with this and to stay consistent!
  3. Engaging Comments. I really need to be great at this. I need to answer each and every one! My notifications need to be better, and with me adding FB comments….  I need to be on top of it! LOL This is me being for real about this.
  4. Love Life and Dating. So, the only times I actually really go out are for family or work-related events. Thus making my choice of men to date… slim to nil. LOL. I need to get out, be more social, and play more often! I am ready!
  5. I spy a Vacation. Given that I have not taken a break in blogging NOR have I allowed myself a break is embarrassing. Frustrating. Irritating. I need to get on this and find time to make this work out! ASAP-tually!
  6. Step Out of the PJs. Just what it is. Sometimes, I stay in the PJs and then when I get calls to go out, I decline. Especially when it is to do something non work related. I am comfy, the homebody, and at times STCK to my comp. I need to enjoy life! I mean, I work hard, and definitely PLAY HARDER… I just need more PLAY in my life.
  7. Read more Books. This can be for leisure. Man how I miss this! I used to blaze through books each week! I need to get back to this. I love me some James Patterson, Omar Tyree, and Eric Jerome Dickey!
  8. Volunteer with a charity. There are some charities that are near and dear to my heart. Wardrobe for Opportunity, Boys and Girls Club, and a few others have really pulled at my heart and I need to give back in ways wayyy bigger than me.
  9. Buy a Condo. I know this is more of a goal, but this is a to-do this year. I really want to own, especially while the cost to own is wayyyy better than renting now. I am working on this.
  10. Spring Break! Go on a trip! My besties are all in the educational fields. I love this too! But I have never been able to go on the trips they do, so this year? I already have this on deck!
  11. Buy a New Bed (with the fancy pillow top). Sleep is NEVER overrated. EVER! I want a grown up bed for my grown up life. Period.2013-new-years-resolution
  12. Go to the Movies-Frequently. Can I tell you how many times I went to the movies last year? ONCE. I suck, I know. Maybe I am spoiled with on Demand and stuff, but- yeah. The little things.
  13. Draw more. When I was a child, I used to sketch, draw, and escape in to another world. By getting a little sketch book for Christmas, I have remembered this feeling and need to get on this. Bliss.
  14. Create a Stock Portfolio. Very grown up of me, I know. As intimidating as it is, I want to have and create something for my future and my family’s future.
  15. Treat myself to more pampering. Rather than for an event or occasion, I need to take joy in those little pleasures of falling asleep while getting massaged. Better yet, I need to go to a spa!
  16. Be more active. I need to work out more. NOT to “lose weight” but to be more healthy. It has been hard to find something that will have me hyped, but I have finally found two options! SkyZone trampoline gym and strip pole workouts. Definitely NOT boring!
  17. Be more proactive. I procrastinate like no other and many times I will miss things because I let myself get lost in or carried away with whatever has my attention. Do Better Marie!
  18. Early to Bed and Early to rise. I have really been trying to get up before 7, but life has other plans for me. I have noticed that my productivity in the AM is bananas! And there you go!
  19. Take more Naps. Sometimes I feel tired and refuse to let my body slow down a bit. Even when I lay down, I am still UP. I need to relax. More.
  20. Stop and Smell the Roses. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the next, new, and future that sometimes I dismiss my own accomplishments and glaze over them… I need to slow down and allow myself to sit in my blessings.


Where do you see your resolutions? Have you listed some of the same as me? What have you dared to dream about, but have let yourself get in your own way? Share with me! I want to hear!

And while you are at it, take a peek
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