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Five Looks We Love: Fearless in Fashion

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Five Looks We Love is back!! I know it’s been a bit, but we are back with Five Looks We Love! I wanted to change things up, and instead of solely focusing on specific trends or items, I will be adding in different attitudes of looks. This week, we are focusing on looks that are fearless in fashion.

The definition of “fearless” is lacking fear, or in this week’s outfit case – one who has no fear when it comes to wearing a specific item or style. In the body positive movement and the plus size fashion industry today more and more women are standing up and being fearless in their style decisions. We should celebrate that! It’s such a boost of self confidence and self worth to venture outside of your comfort zone and don something that you wouldn’t normally feel comfortable in. Some may call it scandalous. Some may say it’s too much or too risque for them. Others are nay sayers. The fact is – it’s okay – and FUN to be fearless in fashion! The ladies featured this week, selected from the #TCFStyle Page (get in on that!!), ventured outside of their comfort zone and completely rocked it. Be sure to check out each one of these gorgeous ladies, their links are directly ABOVE their photos!!

This week’s plus size styles we love is back with a new theme: fearless in fashion.

Curvy Bliss

Five Looks We Love- Blogger Curvy Bliss
Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat
Five Looks We Love: Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat
 Simply Stacey Gee

Five Looks We Love: Blogger simply stacey gee
Kirstin Marie

Five Looks we Love- Blogger Kirstin Marie
Fancy Dime

Five Looks We Love- Blogger Fancy Dime

Check back with us next week to see our next edition of Five Looks We Love!!

Do you want to be featured in Five Looks We Love? Submit your photo, along with your name & blog url (if you have one) to [email protected] by Wednesday of each week,  OR tag your photo on Instagram (are you following @mariedenee & @kirstinmarie??), Facebook, or Twitter with #TCFStyle for your chance to be featured! Also, check out your photos on the #TCFStyle Page!!! 

Do you have a favorite from this week’s round up of looks?? Let us know! Leave a comment below telling us which one is your favorite!

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