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FASHION BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT: Irene of Petite Plus, Meow!

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Hope you enjoyed our spotlight on Nina from Curvy Mod last week.

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Irene from Petite Plus, Meow!  Irene offers up fun, feminine fashion with a vintage twist and dispels the myths about what plus-size girls can or should do through her awesome lifestyle posts.

She is a plus-size blogger YOU NEED TO KNOW!

FASHION BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT: Irene of Petite Plus, Meow!


Height:    5’2.  Age:  I’m 32….or as I prefer to say I have been celebrating the 5th anniversary of my 28th birthday.
Location:  Toronto

Plus Size Fashion Blogger: Irene Kavita What made you want to become a fashion blogger?
Growing up in a Bengali-Indian household, I was not considered conventionally pretty anyway. I was not fair skinned like the rest, I did not have delicate features and I was not slim. Not only did I lack this ‘trifecta of features,’ I was also too outspoken and too determined for my own good.  Being bombarded with these thoughts ultimately shaped my view of myself and contributed to many life decisions I’ve made in love and in life.  Two years ago, the world as I knew it was turned upside down, and I got an opportunity to reassess and really focus on me again.   I began investing in higher quality fashionable pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories – decorating my outside in an effort to uplift my inside.  The more ‘grey’ I felt, the more dressed up I would get, sticking to that old adage of ‘fake it ‘til I make it’…if I LOOKED happy and put-together then I’d eventually FEEL that way too.  And it totally worked!  People – coworkers, friends, strangers on the street – started to take notice, even stopping me on the street to ask me where I got this or that or simply paying me a compliment on my outfit.

For the last few years now, I’ve learned and managed to embrace my plus sized, busty, vertically-challenged bod with zeal by making sure I “dress with style” for everyday, regardless of having an occasion!  Many people have suggested, even urged, that I start blogging about my fashion finds and looks that I put together for myself; however, not having ever felt like I was an authority on anything fashion related, I simply accepted the comments as compliments and never took them too seriously.

What I was noticing however, with all the fashion blogging sites I personally follow, none of them really speak from a petite (short), plus sized, large busted woman of color’s perspective. So, here I am hoping to fill that void/niche with my style & lifestyle blog.  Petite Plus, Meow!  is really just a place to capture all those things I’m passionate about, thoughts and general musings that take place in my life, that inspire and amuse me, along with the occasional shopping deal I’ve found or personal event review and/or product review.

Plus Size Fashion Blogger: Irene Kavita What are the challenges, if any, you face in being petite and plus-size?Flattering Fit!  That’s the biggest challenge of being petite while plus sized.  Usually if something is from the petite section…the length of the arms, neckline and hem are usually on-point. Buuuuut being large chested and hippy and bootylicious — the typical ‘petite size’ off the rack, doesn’t always fit very flatteringly around those specific areas on me.  Then if i go up a size, into plus sizes…typically I’m drowning in fabric, the lengths of sleeves and pant legs are ridiculously generous which leads to many (often costly) alterations before a new purchase off the rack is wearable and flattering.

What’s your favorite thing about being petite and plus-size?
Good things come in small packages, as they say.  I’ve recently been identified as “Fun Sized” (as in those fun sized candies at Halloween) which made me smile.  There’s a great t-shirt slogan about short girls that comes to mind as I think about this question:  God only lets things grow until they’re perfect.  Some of us didn’t take as long as others. In terms of dating, The ‘Man Pool’ is larger…as a man who’s say 5’7 will still appear to be a giant when standing next to me, and therefore a viable candidate, nice bonus I’d say.  🙂
Plus Size Fashion Blogger: Irene KavitaWhat’s your favorite thing about being a blogger?  A petite-plus fashion blogger?
Lately my blog has started taking on a different focus that, I think, adds a different element than the other plus sized fashion bloggers out there — not only do I talk about “What I Wore,” I also focus on “What I Did” while wearing something specific.

I’ve been making special effort to actively TRY and DO new things – new things that some may think a non-traditional body like mine would not typically try to do.  For example, there were a series of PPMeow! blog posts around doing yoga. Another series about learning to swing dance and learning to country line dance.  And ongoing blog posts around vintage-themed events and dress.  Not only does my blog help fellow curvy divas tap into their own inner fashionista, I’ve been told that reading and seeing me try these new things, while looking stylish, helps give others the confidence to attempt fun new things/activities/interests that they normally would have shied away from or not even consider doing as their “body type” may not be the typical one engaging in such activities.  That’s become the favorite thing about my blog – being an influencer of body positive thinking amongst my readers and encouraging them to try something before they write it off as ‘not for them’. 🙂

Who/what are your favorite designers/brands?
Ooooo!  So many!  I’m a huge fan of pin-up vintage…specifically 1950s Rockabilly, any era where hips and tits are celebrated is where I NEED TO BE!  One of my fave designers/brand is STOP STARING! KIYONNA is always a sophisticated go-to.   Love me some DOROTHY PERKINS at The Bay, but sadly sizing and fit is hit-or-miss for me.  I’ve been really impressed with FOREVER21+ lately.  The price point is amazing, but because of this fact, it’s very common to be rocking an outfit worn by every other plus sized girl in the city.  So I’m uber-careful not to go nuts in there.  I prefer discovering the boutiques in the city that cater to plus size fashion.  Although the price point is higher, I enjoy owning pieces that are unique and seemingly higher quality.  For shoes, my go-to shops are Nine West, Payless and the shoe department within The Hudson’s Bay Co.

Plus Size Fashion Blogger: Irene Kavita Describe your personal style.
Humm…that’s tricky to put into words.  I’d like to say I’m “trendy” — however, just because something is trendy, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for me.  Recently I posted about “Rompers & Jumpsuits” weighing out the pros and cons, deciding if the look is for me.  I have to say the cut-out trends this spring/summer definitely got my attention.  Stay tuned for more of that on me on PPMeow!  I’d say my overall personal style is: Classic, Flattering and Fitted.  I’m a fan of taking a simple outfit and giving it new life by adding accessories and an amazing pair of shoes with it.  I’ve been known to shop at fancy pricy boutiques but will not turn my nose up at “pre-loved” items either that have been thrifted.  My trick: Shop All The Time, Everywhere!!!

Any bloggers currently on your radar?
As I mentioned above, I’ve noticed that there weren’t too many plus sized fashion blogs that spoke from a curvy yet short perspective (Style Cassentials was the first I came across).  Georgia Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust has been one of my go-to bloggers for a long time, as she seems to share my love for vintage styling and is just as top heavy as I am.  I’m not comfortable posing in photos in my bra and panties for the internet, but I really appreciate her doing it!  Undergarments are uber-important to giving your body the proper foundation to really maximize the fabulousness of an outfit.
Anything else you want The Curvy Fashionista’s readers to know?

There’s a Petite Plus, Meow Facebook fan page where I share a variety of other things I find in terms of body positive articles, thought-provoking videos, and general musings for which I don’t create blog posts.  Alternatively, there’s my InstaGram where I showcase my looks with a link to the blog post within the profile for easy access.

What do you think? Are you a reader of her blog? Will you check her out? Let us know below!

Also, if want to be featured or know of a blogger who should be included, please shoot us a note!

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