Crushing On Velvet? Here’s 10 of Our Favorite Plus Size Pieces From Elvi’s Fall Collection!

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So yesterday we gave you the major trends for this fall. We’ve got metallics, textured fabrics, bold and subtle colors.  There’s so many I can’t decide which trend is my favorite, but I think right now I’m most hype about velvet! Are you excited to see velvet play a major role in this fall’s top trends and pieces? Well you’re in luck! We’ve got some of our favorite velvet looks and pieces from Elvi’s fall collection!

This year’s collection is loaded with velvet from the dresses to the tops and pants! They’ve even added other textures and looks like  sheers, ruffles, and stripes!  And of course you’ll see this seasons must have colors like blush, rust oranges, metallic golds, and denim!

Enough talking keep scrolling to see some of our favorite picks from the collection!

Crushing On Velvet? Here’s 10 of Our Favorite Plus Size Pieces From Their Fall Collection!

We strive to produce collections of designer plus size clothing. Unwilling to settle for muted palettes and shapeless garments, our plus size collections take direct inspiration from all the latest fashion trends to ensure that our Elvi women are dressed to plus size perfection. – Elvi

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So ladies did we disappoint? This collection is filled with trendy, contemporary pieces for the fall! I’m loving all of this velvet! I like how these pieces can be dressed up or down too! These could easily be pieces that you can wear from day to night, out on the town or at work! You know how I feel about versatility and maximizing your options!

So lets talk.

Which pieces are your favorite? Are you digging the velvet trend? Do you like how Elvi executed it? Can you see yourself rocking some of these pieces this fall?

Crushing On Velvet? Here's 10 of Our Favorite Plus Size Pieces From Elvi's Fall Collection!

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  1. HELLO,
    I love your helpful tips. Every season when I’m cleaning out my closets I find losts of clothes with price tags on them or I wore them once. I live in NYC, can u suggest a really good consignment shop or anywhere I can go to sell sum of my PLUS size clothes?

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