Do You Make and Keep you New Year’s Resolutions?

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new years resolutionsIt is about that time fellow Curvy Fashionistas!  The end of the year nears us and we are already thinking about bringing in the New Year with resolutions and mindsets to change, habits to create or break, but the real question I have, asides from your resolutions is: DO you make and KEEP your resolutions?

So, what I thought I would do before I turned to you was revisit my post from last year: Let The New Years Resolution’s Begin and share with you my progress on this year’s resolutions and which ones I need to add to 2012’s resolutions!

How about this for accountability?! For real! Like I shared in this post, according to Pro Active Change, research shows that making resolutions is useful and those who explicitly make resolutions are 10x more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions! Below in grey were last years, and in bold are my results!

SO, let’s see how I did…

 My New Year’s Resolutions

In Personal Style and Fashion:

  • Wear more High Heels- I LOVE me some great chic flats! I need to amp up the oh la la factor! I did this! I have been stepping out in my heels! YES!
  • Wear more separates (Skirts, shorts, blouses) I am a sucker for dresses; I need to broaden my horizons! LoL I can honestly say that I have been doing much better in this area- although I do default to my dresses, I have been wearing more pieces and I am soo happy!
  • Step up my accessories game… While I spend time oogling the baubles, I am quite gun shy about making purchases… lol YESSS I always have my rings on! Quite happily so!
  • Buy more color… having to wear black for soo many years, I find myself stepping into a comfort zone- although I LOVE and ADORE Bold colors- I need to buy more of these! I did this! Oooh! I am on a roll! Although me and black will always have a love affair!
  • Get pretty new hangers for my closet, I gotta respect the clothes! Woot! Did this and wrote a post about it! Like to read, well make sure you check out January’s issue of Plus Model Magazine!  

On The Curvy Fashionista:

  • Do more video posts! I have recently started and I got my new Bloggie, so…. Stay Tuned! Umm… I have officially done ONE video, asides from my Cruzearati posts! Work to refocused here!
  • Make up, make up, and more make up! More review, how to’s and guest beauty bloggers about the things we love most! I definitely have shared with you my secret obsession, but not too much! Do you like my beauty pieces?
  • Make sure I reply to each and EVERY one of your comments! I have gotten better and I am doing my best to continue to answer them! I definitely have been more engaging and you have shared right back I LOVE YOU GUYS!
  • More giveaways!!! We wrapped up last month with a jam packed run of giveaways each week! New designers, retailers, jewels, shoes, and sooo much more! I see you liked them, so I will keep them coming! Without being too giveaway heavy except for my anniversary month, I have been giving you better prizes! More to ensue!

Me, Myself, and I:

  • Get out more. I spend too much time online at times! I need to get out more and do more social media cleanse at times! I did this on Saturday and it was lovely! Ahhh… Fail! I have done some and have been getting a little bit better, but I could have a better balance!
  • Take a vacation or two or three… all work and no play makes Marie stressed out in a not so nice way! Um… read the one above…  I need a vacay!
  • Eat more fruit… and maybe more salads- My mom and her salads traumatized me… LOL… I have not been too heavy on the fruits, however I have been taking my multivitamins and protein shakes! So this is kind of like a 50/50 here!
  • Ask for help when I need it! Sometimes I think I am superwoman until I am stretched too thin! Lol… I need to work on that! I love helping then I find myself forgetting, dropping the ball… and that CANNOT happen in 2011! I have made efforts here! I am soo happy for Ty and Nyvia who help contribute to the site! I am really happy about this!
  • Stop being afraid and step out on faith! I need to embrace and walk the path set for me! This has shown itself with me writing my book, Keeping it Curvy.Confident.Chic.! I am sooo proud of embracing this and moving forward with this! I was quite scared and nervous, But it has been such an amazing growth process in doing so! Much more to come in 2012!

What about you?

Have you revisited your resolutions to see what you did and did not accomplish? Even if you did not do all what you wanted to do, do not fret! This is what is so great about making resolutions, it allows a time for self reflection and personal growth! The fact that you make them speaks a lot and if you know you need help, get a friend to bolster those percentages to make it happen!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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