First Look: The Chromat Plus Size Swim Collection!

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Hey girl hey! So, here’s the biggest question I have when it comes to online shopping as a plus size beauty. How are we supposed to shop a site effectively when we aren’t visible? When we cannot see how these items truly look like on us?

Well, Chromat has been paying attention with their latest release of their plus size swimwear collection!

“We recognized that shopping for 3x swim on XS models makes things a lot more difficult” Chromat

Chromat understands how frustrating is it to go to your favorite website to shop for the perfect plus size outfit; only seeing the standard size 0 or size 10 model as the “one size fits all” visual. 

Chromat delivers an architectural and athletic swimwear collection, delivering gorgeous photos to support their plus size collection, and it’s hot!

The Chromat Plus Size Swim Collection

The NYC based contemporary lingerie company that has been making waves during past NYFW shows with their inclusive plus size models on the runway.

They continue this inclusivity by showcasing their plus size models in their own campaign and then inside the individual product shots!

The Chromat Plus Size Swim Collection!

With a spread shot by Anastasia Garcia, we get the opportunity to see models rocking Chromat swimsuit sizes XL to 3XL, and I have to admit, it’s refreshing to see the dynamics of online shopping improve for us plus size women with visuals.

Are you ready?

The Chromat Plus Size Swim Collection

 “It’s important to see yourself in the swimwear you’re shopping for.” Chromat

The Chromat Plus Size Swim Collection

The Chromat Plus Size Swim Collection

The Chromat Plus Size Swim Collection

The Chromat Plus Size Swim Collection

The Chromat Plus Size Swim Collection

The Chromat Plus Size Swim Collection

Girl do you see this collection? Do you see these looks? I need more than a few of these options! Chromat adding plus size models in plus size swimsuits to show off their collection is a much welcomed move.

Chromat is bringing the industry one step closer to providing a “more inclusive shopping experience” while “redefining the term sample size.” We are here for this.

Shop the Chromat plus size swim collection at

We already know that by seeing our size helps us navigate the plus size shopping experience online, but what do YOU think?

Which brands, who carry plus sizes but who do not show it on plus size bodies, would you love to see make this addition?

Let’s talk about it, we’d love to hear from you!

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Written by Team TCF

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