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Celebrating 200k FB Fans- It is a Spring #TCFStyle Giveaway with Prescriptives!

Celebrating 200k FB Fans- It is a Spring #TCFStyle Giveaway with Prescriptives!

Have you tuned in? We have quite a few giveaways going on as we celebrate 200k Facebook Fans! For the rest of these giveaways, we will be playing on the numbers 200, 20, and 2. How we use it? You will love! Woot! It is quite bananas and in proper celebration, we have another giveaway for you that is quite dear to me!  But I must say, I cannot thank you enough for the love and support and conversation- I do love our talks! So, when I had the chance, I tapped the fine folk to host a Giveaway with Prescriptives!

Giveaway with Prescriptives CUstom Blend on The Curvy Fashionista

I remember the day. In was in 2010, when I was working for a department store and my ultimate foundation company closed their doors and I panicked. Being that I have equal parts red and yellow in my complexion, finding the right one was always a challenge, but Prescriptives hooked this up for me! With them gone, what was I to do? Where was I to go?

Well, as I have reviewed on the blog, Prescriptives is back and their Custom Blend is BACK as well! Thanks to technology, not only can you get your custom foundation hue, but you can also put skincare ingredients into the recipe, such as oil control, hyaluronic acid, and shimmer, YES! All via the computer! I did it and got my own custom foundation match, and I really feel that all is right in the world now. (for reals)

Giveaway with Prescriptives CUstom Blend on The Curvy Fashionista

So what does all of this mean? Well, TWENTY lucky readers of the blog will have their chance to score their own consult and custom blend foundation! If you cannot wait and need it now, retailing for $75, the foundation is matched to you via a few steps and with that recipe; you can also opt for the powder for $55!

Here is my color match!

Giveaway with Prescriptives CUstom Blend on The Curvy Fashionista

Since we are all about celebrating our community growing, all of our giveaways will also celebrate the launch of our NEWLY LAUNCHED PLUS SIZE STYLE FORUM- #TCFSTYLE!

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20 Readers Score with the #TCFStyle Giveaway with Prescriptives!

To enter, all you have to do is follow the instructions in the giveaway form below. The more actions you take, the more entries you earn! That easy!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

MOVE FAST! You have until SUNDAY night, March 30th at 11:59 p.m. to enter!

Good luck and thank you for rocking with me!!!

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  • Always willing to try new products; I’ve never used this one! I have been having trouble with my foundations bleeding into my other makeup… ugh!

  • I have so much trouble matching my skin tone so I have to settle for one almost like it. I would love to have a custom match!

  • Definitely color matching. My face is at least two different colors. I haven’t used Prescriptives since my 20s, I look forward to trying them again.

  • I think we share the same make up woes in regards to matching our makeup to our skin tones. My skin is very complex its hyper sensetive and I change colour like a chamelion. I believe its due to my ethnicity. Both of my parents are AA, however, my mom is a deep chocolate brown while my father is light/”reddish”. So I tend to pull from both sides and sometimes the season plays a big factor.

  • Colour matching is my biggest problem, my skin is pretty pale most of the time but for some reason the foundation I get that was perfect ends up either being tooo dark, or toooo light 🙁
    I’ve never heard of prescriptive but it looks good!

  • I have issues finding something that works well for my combination skin. I’m either too oily, or too dry. Finding the perfect match for my undertones without either washing me out, or emphasizing too much of the red in my skin is an issue as well

  • It’s hard for me to find a foundation that lasts all day and hasn’t gone shiny. Usually after about 4 hours, my foundation has either absorbed into my skin or slicked off.

  • Searching endlessly for a foundation that doesn’t turn me orange like a pumpkin, or highlight my already pale skin, making me resemble the walking dead, is an endless struggle that I have all but given up on. No matter where I look, my skin tone doesn’t seem to be represented in department stores. Even the ladies at Sephora are stumped. I no longer wear foundation because I can’t find that perfect one that is ME. However, I always hold out the hope that someday I will happen upon it, and I can go back to feeling good and looking flawless! Has my prince finally come? 😉

  • I am not from US but i still entered this giveaway for my mom. She lives in LA and i know we both would like this. I hope my entry is still valid. I really really want one! Haha

  • I have been a Prescriptives fan for years! Being able to mix your own custom blend is really important for me because the foundation I get in stores never really works for my skin tone. Perspectives is light and doesn’t make my face look oily which is fantastic!

  • My skin is super sensitive and though naturally pale, will just flare up bright red even with tried and tested products. It’s so hard to find something on the highstreet that works, and it seems that Prescriptives may be it!

  • Finding the right foundation has been difficult, so Prescriptive may be the answer. I would love to win it and try it.

  • Thank you so much for offering such a generous giveaway! I have always had trouble with liquid foundation. I spent many years trying different brands, but never found one that was suitable. I finally gave up and started using MAC Studio Fix, but eventually moved on to bareMinerals. Unfortunately my face is just way too oily for powder foundation. Ugh!

  • I am pale but have freckles and a lot of red pigmentation to my skin so it’s hard to find foundation. I’ve been using BB cream.

  • I always forget to enter things, but I saw this and am taking a chance. No makeup ever matches my skin, so I’m hopeful!

  • It’s hard finding foundation that blends in with my skin tone without it looking caked and oily, it always looks like to much and I can never find the right shade

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