Athena Club’s Wellness Line Is Like Feeling Your Curves For The First Time

Even though we forget how to enjoy a well-deserved body care experience, Athena Club is here to help you remember.

Courtesy of Athena Club

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As plus size people, we have always been told about our bodies and how to make it smaller. But people often forget that self care goes beyond the narratives of weight loss and dietary habits. Enter: Athena Club’s Wellness collection where you can give your skin the love it deserves.

Not to mention, this new product line is offered as a subscription service.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Athena Club first came onto the wellness scene in 2018. With a collection of premium and organic tampon products, they each had their own absorption levels.

Now, in an effort to reduce waste and offer the best toxin-free bath and body products, Athena Club is expanding the brand into a body care subscription.

The 25-year-old behind the brand is Maria Markina, who traveled the world in search of experts, physicians, and nutritionists to find the best ingredients for your body (as well as the planet). What she ended up with is a line that makes you love caring for your body even more.

Athena Club Lotion
Courtesy of Athena Club

In its expanded launched, the collection is divided into three product categories: Body Care, Period Care, and Wellness.

According to the brand, the Body Care category (which we tried) highlights the brand’s new Creamy Body Wash, The Cloud Shave Foam, The Dewy Lotion, All Day Deodorant, The razor Kit, and The Soft Face Wipes.

The brand’s period care includes Biodegradable TLC Wipes, an Earth-friendly (latex-free) period cup, plus liners tampons and pads. Finally, Athena Club’s wellness section of the line features multivitamin + probiotic supplements that help with PMS.

Oftentimes, we spend so much time and money on making sure our facial skin care routine is on point. But we rarely talk about the skin on our bodies and how to keep it in good health.

Trying Athena Club’s body care routine though gave me a self care experience with my body unlike a lot of other bath and body care products on the market. 

The Athena Club Packaging 

Athena Club Body Care collectino
Courtesy of Ari Bines

There’s no question that Athena Club’s packaging is eye-catching. You know immediately it’s for women and each item explains the featured ingredient(s) on the front of the packaging.

Plus, you can’t deny you’d want to take pictures of these all day for you social pages. 

The Creamy Body Wash 

The Creamy Body Wash Athena Club

The Creamy Body Wash ($12) is exactly that. It’s a body wash that lathers, but it doesn’t necessarily become foamy or sudsy no matter how much you apply.

And if you’ve ever used coconut oil in your hair, the scent smell natural, light, and familiar in the sense that older hair care products reflect a similar aroma.

After trying this out over a few days, we found that it doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped of its natural moisture and it glides off your skin when you rinse.

We’re not going to lie, we’re already half-way through the bottle.

The Cloud Shave Foam & Razor Kit 

Athena Club Wellness

Athena Club’s Cloud Shave Foam ($9) is dope because while it also smells naturally feminine, it also softens the hair before shaving.

Not to mention, the aloe and oat in it leave your skin hydrated after shaving with Athena Club’s Razor Kit ($12).

The Kit features a has five-blade razor surrounded by a water-activated shea butter serum to prevent any irritation throughout the shaving process.

Also in the kit is an extra blade and a magnetic multipurpose hook.

All Day Deo No. 1 & No. 2 

Athena Club Wellness

Following a long hot bath with the body wash, we whipped out one of the two All Day Deo ($11) deodorant scents offered in the collection. And man oh man do they smell incredible.

We may have tested the All Day Deo No. 2, which is a soft and airy, but the All Day Deo No. 1 is a nostalgic scent if you’ve ever gotten your hair greased by your mother.

The aloe, coconut oil, and chamomile in it gives it that kitchen hair smell, applies completely clear and doesn’t leave any kind of white leftovers on your favorite clothes.

Also, when it says it lasts all day, it lasts well into the wee hours of the night with bae, too.

The Dewy Body Lotion

Athena Club Wellness

Finishing up with Athena Club’s Dewy Body Lotion ($14) has kind of a been a game-changer in our humblest opinion. We’ve dealt with a lot of super greasy lotions, but this one is more like a body moisturizer than a lotion.

The ingredients give it a pleasant natural fragrance and applying it gives you the experience of treating your rolls, belly, and thighs a well-deserved massage.

The Dewy Body Lotion pumps out as a cloudy gel that lathers up, but quickly seeps into the skin to leave it nourished, but not slippery.

A little goes a long way, but even if you get lotion crazy (like we did) you still won’t be left with a grease stain on your pant.

Aftermath & Final Thoughts 

There are a lot of body care lines on the market, but Athena Club is a line to put high up on your beauty shelves. It’s the ideal (at least for us) “I am woman, hear me roar” sort of musk in the way that a lot of men’s body care has a generic undertone of a masculine scent.

The best way to describe the collection is like having Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman” playing in your head. The line offers natural ingredients and looks and smells beautiful.

Plus, it feels like a full-body self care experience when you take time to use it in one sitting.

Obviously, the fragrance is a big part of the body care decision-making process. But we don’t think this one you will have you disappointed. There’s a reason why this entire brand is named after a Greek Goddess.

The line of products treats your whole body like one. Among all the food and floral flavored body care products out there, Athena Club is a breath of fresh air. If you’re someone who enjoys a natural feminine scent to your body that makes you feel like a grown-ass woman, we definitely recommend this collection.

You can shop the brand, at

We realize that the skin on our bodies needs just as much attention as our skin on our face.  Trying it out really gave us a chance to experience a head-to-toe self care routine. And it made us more conscious of the ingredients we put on our bodies.

Even though we forget how to enjoy a well-deserved body care experience, Athena Club is here to help you remember.

Have you tried a self-care/body care routine that you like? Would you try any of these products? What are other ways you self care for your body?

Let us know in the comments!

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