7 Plus Size Cold Weather Finds to Beat the Polar Vortex Chill

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The Polar Vortex caught everyone off guard and hit us in a BIG way. All the way down here in North Carolina we had negative wind chills. The brutally cold weather is easing up slightly, but winter is just getting started, which means the majority of the US has a ways to go before we are back into some warm temps. One thing about bitter cold temperatures is that it’s hard to still look cute, sexy or fly when you are bundled up to the nines. And in plus sizes, it’s even harder to find chic clothing and coats that are still practical in this weather.

We’ve scoured the Internet for those key pieces that will keep you warm and cozy, but still have you looking cute and stylish even in minus ten degree weather.

Here are 7 Plus Size Cold Weather Finds to Beat the Polar Vortex Chill and all winter long

1. DNY Down Coat from Navabi

You can’t go wrong in a down coat. Back in the day they looked a little grandma ish, then they became urban style and now they have some very chic and feminine styles like this one. The length ensures you will be warm from head to toe.

2. Fleece-lined leggings from ReDress

These leggings sound so freaking warm. The best part is they aren’t bulky. No one wants Frosty the Snowman legs, that’s not cute.

3. Eyelash Eternity Scarf from Urban Outfitters

This has to be the biggest and warmest looking scarf ever. Wind will be no match for this scarf.

4. Bow Hat from Modcloth.

How cute??? I would feel like the ultimate girly girl in this hat.

5. Isotoner Cable Knit Gloves from Isotoner

Growing up Isotoner gloves were the bees knees. You knew your hands would be warm as hell in some Isotoners. These cable knit gloves are not only warm but also have a flip top for when you need to use your fingers.

6. Fluffy Sweater from ASOS Curve

This sweater is exactly what the name says…FLUFFY. How warm and cozy does this look?

7. Dirty Laundry Piccadilly Boot from DSW

The waterproof rubber sole is practical but the fur shaft screams “I’m Fabulous!”


How are you keeping warm this winter and still staying chic?


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