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Working on My Fitness: 7 Fitspiration Accounts for Plus Size Ladies

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Hey! Brianne here and I am back with another post for you. Today, we are talking about plus size fitness. I’ve felt pretty self-conscious about my body (on the track and at the gym) so I look for body-affirming inspiration on social media, mostly to help me love myself AND get my butt out of the door.  (I always feel great once I start running, but it’s getting the earbuds in and shoes on the pavement that’s sometimes the challenge.)  Unfortunately, I’ve come across a lot of body-shaming and harmful “fitspo” instagram accounts.

Ladies, it’s time for us to leave the body-shaming Pinterest boards behind! I’ve stopped viewing exercise as a punishment, and instead look at it as a tool for supporting my goals, well-being and overall energy.  I love my body, and I want to take care of it.  So in the spirit of sharing is caring,  I’ve found some plus size athletes on instagram, who inspire my fitness journey that you should check out too. Are you ready?

No matter your interest, there are plus size women working it out on Instagram that you should check out! Here they are:

7 Plus Size Fitspiration Accounts to Follow for Fitness Motivation and Inspiration!

Anna AKA Glitter is a double threat who posts about her fitness journey and her fashion-forward aesthetic. She isn’t afraid to delve deep, writing about society’s expectations of women and personal growth. She is also HILARIOUS – I have literally laughed out loud at her posts.

Practicing aerial yoga has been on my bucket-list, and Jessamyn has inspired me to sign up for a class.  She posts yoga videos (with Beyoncé as a soundtrack), how-to’s, and other advice and affirmations for her followers on instagram.

I love a lady with boxing gloves!  Leah is a Body Positive Fitness advocate, who founded Body Positive Athletics to “increase in relatable fitness and sporting role models for larger people.” She posts quotes and inspirational photos of her kickboxing, training for a triathalon, and being a fit mama.

I feel accomplished for being able to touch my toes when I stretch, pre-workout, so Amanda’s flexibility is inspiring!  She shares her passion for life, love of baby elephants and yoga poses on instagram.

Cece (right) is a plus size blogger who posts about her fitness adventures.  On her instagram, she writes about her journey to loving her body – and is just a whole lotta fun.  Her smile is infectious, and she reminds us that we don’t need to dread working out.

Okay, raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to try pole dancing classes (*raises own hand*).  Jada is the CEO of Curvy Girls Pole, a blog dedicated to “celebrate women with a little extra umph” who love pole fitness. Her personal instagram is full of outfit and fitness inspiration.  Get it!

Here I am (on the right) running, with a huge grin on my face.  I had a big “aha!” moment, when I figured out I love group classes.  I love the camaraderie, and everyone sweating together!

Who are your favorite plus size athletes?  How do you feel about working out?  Share in the comments below!

Sharing is caring!

Written by Brianne

Brianne is a queer plus-size blogger over at Check out her consulting work over on

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