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5 Winter Must-Haves That Every Curvy Girl Needs

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Although it seems as though we just welcomed Fall, Winter is around the corner. In some areas, Curvy Fashionistas are already bundled up with Jack Frost nipping at their noses. Luckily, I have a little more time being that I live in south Georgia and we are still experiencing 75+ degree weather (yeah, I said that with a smile). Even though we are still enjoying the warmth of fall in the south, I am wise enough to know that it is time to prepare for winter.Flaws of Couture Plus Size Stole

During Winter, we find ourselves faced with two challenges; remaining fly and keeping warm. If you are anything like me, both warmth and being fly are equally important.  Honestly, it is not hard to do both when you have the right accessories and additions to your wardrobe. It is a must that you have pieces that are fly and promote warmth because nothing is worst than being fly and cold other than being tacky and warm.

In an effort to help you curvy cuties prepare for winter, I want to share a few of my Winter must-haves because I don’t need any tacky or frozen fashionistas once  temperatures begin to drop.

5 Winter Must-Haves That Every Curvy Girl Needs

  1. SOCKS! Socks for Your Wide Calves? Meet XpandasoxYou gotta have socks! Now that we are wearing more trousers and have pulled out our knee high boots, we need socks and the longer the better. However, for some curvy girls socks can prove to be a challenge, unless you have Xpandasox. Xpandasox provide stretch and comfort for individuals with wider calves and they come in an assortment stylish options. And because we LOVE you, here is a code for 25% off! Use Code:  TCF25
  2. HOSIERY! Haute Hosiery- Plus size tights and hosiery Because we darn sure aren’t going to wear pants all Winter, every curvy girl should own several pair of plus size tights. Yeah, you have to have your basic tights but when you want to make a statement… You need Haute Hosiery from the Ice Cream Lady. These hose can take you from the boardroom to the bedroom and everywhere in between.
  3. WIDE CALF BOOTS! Simply Be Wide Calf BootsI think we can all agree that boots are mandatory during the Winter. However, many curvy girl struggle with finding the right pair of wide calf boots for our full shapely legs. While there are many brands who offer extended calf boots, my go to is Simply Be. Simply Be has over 70 different styles of boots with extended calves so you can just be… Fly, warm and comfortable.
  4. A Faux Fur Stole and/or Jacket! Faux fur is in, what better way to protect your neck and make a fashion statement than with stole. Flaws Of Couture has a great faux fur stoles that will take any look to the next level. Feeling a bit dramatic? This stole is all about drama and warmth honey! Rocking a sleek black gown or midi bodycon? Pair this back to amp up your glam factor!
  5. GLOVES! Ashley Stewart Plus Size Gloves Gloves are a lifesaver during the Winter, they keep your hands from being dry and cracked while providing warmth. Now hold on, I am not talking about the gloves grandma used to give for Christmas… I am talking gloves with style. Plus size gloves for our plump hands! Ashley Stewart has a few fashionable options that will not break the bank!

Now that we have shared five must have finds for the cold weather, which ones do you have? Which ones do you need to add to your collection? Let us know!

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