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15 Questions About the Fashion and Plus Size Fashion Industry

15 Questions About the Fashion and Plus Size Fashion Industry

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One day, I was daydreaming, and I was coming up with all of these questions that had me frustrated, irritated, concerned, amused, delighted, and perplexed. I had questions: Questions About the Fashion and Plus Size Fashion Industry regarding things that, from my experience, could totally be remedied. I had ideas. Thoughts. Solutions… In my head, I was on a roll.

But before I started offering these up, I thought it would be kind of fun to share with you what was really going on in my head. I know more than a few of you had these thoughts too. And they run the gamut in the fashion world- straight and plus size included.

So take a read and let me know your thoughts…

15 Questions About the Fashion and Plus Size Fashion Industry

15 Questions About the Fashion and Plus Size Fashion Industry

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  1. Do we really need another shopping app?
  2. Why are people still saying there is nothing in plus size fashion? We have more options than ever… Proof here, here, and here.
  3. Is free shipping still a promotion?
  4. Why add that random applique or detail?
  5. WHY do some sites that sell plus size NOT use plus size models? I am not talking like a size 12, I am talking about those who use straight size stock images, a mannequin just for plus, OR a size 4 or 6?
  6. Why, Why, Why, if you DO sell plus sizes do you NOT talk, promote, and feature them on your own sites? I don’t get it.
  7. I still don’t get all this mesh see through dresses. How you supposed to hold up the girls?
  8. Why don’t the US fashion magazines feature and promote plus size fashion as their international counterparts?
  9. Why don’t I see a range of hues in plus size models? The only site that is the most diverse is Ashley Stewart. I love me some plus size models, but can we get more diversity?
  10. Why don’t you offer free returns if you do not offer my size in store?
  11. Why haven’t you offered your sick ass designs in plus yet? YOU COULD TOTALLY do it. I am talking about DKNY (NOT the DKNYC range), BCBG, and DVF, you could totally partner with Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, or Saks Fifth to make this twerk.
  12. If you make up to a size 18, why can’t you continue the full range? I am so confused.
  13. Why haven’t we seen a plus size model kick ass in a mainstream accessory or beauty ad? Asides from Crystal Renn, I am sure that Denise, Fluvia, Ashley Graham, and a few others can hold it down. I do hear that Robyn is on the cusp of this… so who knows…
  14. Why are we still having to shop predominantly online? I do love it, but damn a girl wants to go out and have a little fun.
  15. Why can I not find a plus size full midi length leather skirt? Not Fitted. Full.


Am I alone in these questions? Which ones do you have? Which ones get you going? Let me know, let’s talk about it.

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  • Yasss!! I especially cosign on #11 and #14. I personally would rather shop in store than online. I don’t have the patience for shipping! I would also like to know why can’t the plus size sections in department stores look just as chic and fun as the normal sizes. I wouldn’t mind shopping to a DJ spinning music!

  • YES!!! Especially #11 and #12 – I almost weep when I see such cute offerings from Ann Taylor and WHBM that only go up to size 18 *sniffle* I would like to add an additional question…when is plus-size going to stop being seen as the exception, when clearly WE are the majority?!?!?

    • To the latter part of your question… booo if we can get a few good solid 16 in a variety of hues, I think everything in progression right? Although we do not see it in straight sizes, I think mixes and variations help…

      • I will take it!! When I watch HSN or QVC, I always appreciate it that they include a 1X model along with the “straight size” models…it gives a much more reasonable expectation of what the garment will look like when it arrives at my home. Especially since so many of us are forced to shop online, it would make more sense to have more models who are at the larger end of plus…or, at least as you say, a better mixture.

  • Hells yes to all of them. I would also like to see the brands make more of their stuff available in Canada, we’re not that far and also possess fatties!

    My other question is why do companies size up their straight sizes but don’t tailor them to look better on bigger bodies? They end up looking like crap and don’t sell, and the companies think that plus size women aren’t buying…. it’s true, they aren’t buying your CRAP because it is poorly made and designed. If companies make some small changes then it would sell! Blargh.

      • You know it. So annoying when that happens. They also forget that some of us have waists, like in the skirt example. I get something that fits my hips but due to the box cut I’ve got like, 6″ of extra skirt floating around my middle and sometimes comically standing up on it’s own!

        I have a gorgeous skirt that is like that… but I can’t wear it high waisted or tuck my shirt in because of that problem. A belt doesn’t help, either 🙁

  • I agree, here in the UK, the plus size snobbery is even worse. Normal high street retailers will only go up to a 16 or 18 (that’s a USA 14/16). I won’t name particular shops, but some have made it quite clear that they don’t want fat girls wearing their clothes. In the 21st century this is quite shocking!

  • #5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 14 ALL THE WAY. I’ve wondered these exact same questions myself many, many times. As for #7, I think the answer is we’re supposed to wear a tank or tank dress under the sheer thing so we can wear our spanx, strapless bra, or whatever undergarment you want to wear to hold things up and in. (Notice how I kind of went from “we” to “you” there, seeing as sheer mesh dresses are really not my thing. My personal style isn’t really about being obviously sexy.) And #4? Why not? Random appliques and details are my thing. They add visual interest and take a simple t-shirt beyond just being a simple t-shirt.

  • I think the majority of your other questions are in themselves an answer to question 2- yes, there are more options than ever before, but only if you are shaped a certain way, only if you’re not larger than size 24, only if you hold a particular aesthetic, only if you want to shop online, only if you have a lot of money, only if you don’t care about wearing well-known designers, only if you can find the appropriate undergarments, only if you live in a major city, only if you’re not interested in fashion forward trends, and so on, and so on, and so on. We’ll continue saying that there isn’t enough in plus size fashion until EVERYBODY, or at least 95% of us, has the opportunity for a good experience.

  • Just echoing a few comments already posted. I want to see more variety in the higher sizes. I’m a 26/28. I hate seeing a retailer say they have plus sizes and then the sizing stops at 18. I wanna look cute too!

      • Really? That is a shame. Please realize that many clothing start-ups are self-funded and cannot afford to make a full range on their first attempt. If you want, say, tops in sizes larger than 20 then please support those trying to (eventually) bring them to you.

        • This is more specifically for those that say heyyyy we carry plus sizes and they stop at an 18 or 20 or have the add $5.00. If it is an in between line, this is different… As I have shared in the past… and the few times that I did share brands that did this… it was ugly…

  • oh I am agreeing. but I have a few more. Mine is on the same lines but it goes a bit more further. First off, some plus size are also have bigger bust why is there always sites that stop at a certain size there or their size 16 is a 12 in real life and when you get it you are like not able to fit it because you are top heavy also. also why are there only like four “shapes” that you can be. I mean clothes fit you differently. Oh not to mention why cant I wear a crop top and why does it look different when it goes above a 12? why are some of the clothes so unattractive? oh and dont get me started on wedding dresses why cant i wear the ones at jcrew and BHLDN why do I have to stick to the thing? and why is it so hard to find a cute looking swimsuit without paying 200 for it. and why is everything so magnified when its plus size just make the fabric stretch or add more simple as pie.

  • I agree with all of these! #4 is a big pet peeve. There are so many times where I walk away from jeans bc they’re too flashy and there aren’t any plainer options.
    My questions are:
    Why do stores use such thin denim so it wears easily?
    Why can’t target make some of their small clothing styles into plus size versions?
    Why does Lane Bryant sell so many polyester things… This is not a flattering fabric choice.
    I think that trousers are sooo flattering but they’re so freaking difficult to find plus size… Why?!
    Lastly, will there ever be a designer to come out and make plus size clothes just to flatter us? I want to see things that make me drool and have to have them… And they have to be of good quality.

  • Oh my where do I begin? #5&9 are the top two. I actually emailed Nordies about the first and I was on Hips and Curves site last night and was thinking #9. If im going to buy your clothes let me see what it looks like on a size 16 plus or >. There is a section on H&C thats gives men advice on what colors may work well with blondes, brunettes, or red heads. Um hello where does that leave me?

  • Regarding #2, people are still saying that because while plus-size options HAVE increased in the past several years they are STILL severely outnumbered by the straight-size options. Go to any mall and count the number of stores that carry or cater to plus sizes. Chances are they will be very much outnumbered by the stores that carry straight sizes, especially if you’re looking for plus sizes above 24. Or go to someplace like Target and look at the amount of wall and floor space given to plus sizes versus straight sizes. My local target has MAYBE 6 racks of plus-size clothing, plus 4-6 wall displays. I tried to count the straight-size offerings one day and lost track. In addition, plus-size clothing options have not increased equally for everyone. If you wear a size 28 or above like I do, it is nearly impossible to find certain kinds of clothing. When you can find clothes in your size, it’s often very basic, boring, and inappropriate for anything but the most casual of situations. Heaven forbid you need, say, a suit for an interview. Expect to pay an arm and a leg even for a cheap (in terms of materials and/or construction) suit. And heaven forbid you don’t have money to spend on clothes, because even relatively cheaper options like Target or Wal-mart might not carry clothing in your size. I am lucky enough that I can sometimes afford places like Lane Bryant, Catherine’s, Kiyonna, and the various brands on One Stop Plus that sell clothes in sizes above 28. But not everyone can, and even if they could, you can’t honestly tell me that I and others my size have a lot of options to choose from. We don’t.

    To summarize, people still say there aren’t options in plus-size fashion because while we do have more options now than we did a few years ago, we still don’t have THAT many options (especially compared to what is available in straight sizes) and people who wear size 28 and above have EVEN FEWER options than other plus-size-wearing people.

    • Thank you soooo much for putting this out there… now if the retailers, buyers, designers can check this and your comment out and take proper action, wee’d be in a great place!

  • Honestly sorry but what exactly is 26/28 and 16/18. Are 28 and 18 the maximum sizes in the uk and us respectively?
    And don’t feel bad about not having sizes in your stores! There will definitely be good ones out there for you gal!

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