TCFNEWS: Introducing the #ShopTCFStyle Tee Shop!

Introducing the #ShopTCFStyle Plus Size Graphic Tee Shop!

So, I have been tinkering with this idea since last year, and being all back and forth, frozen with my nerves, I have finally did it! I launched the #ShopTCFStyle shop! I have a strong love for all kinds of tees, cheeky, smart assy, and playful and have been kicking around a few ideas for the start of many to come!

So I thought to launch a plus size graphic tee shop, playing of our tagline, my quirky sense of humor, and the sassy side that I do not always share to create something we could have a little fun with!Introducing the #ShopTCFStyle Plus Size Graphic Tee Shop!

I had a whole photoshoot planned out in my head, but given the holidays, my travels to California, and my recent loss of my grandfather, I tapped uber illustrator Jonquel Art to help me out by illustrating the debut collection!


So what does the #ShopTCFSTYLE include?

Well, we have tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies from a large to a generous 4XL (unisex), and cutesy totes! The tops that you see our “models” rocking in the look books are just a few of the styles that we have for you! But you have to visit the shop to see all looks and ranges!

But in true TCF fashion, I do have a little lookbook for you! Just click the first picture to see!

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Introducing the #ShopTCFStyle Plus Size Graphic Tee Shop!

Introducing the #ShopTCFStyle Plus Size Graphic Tee Shop!

Introducing the #ShopTCFStyle Plus Size Graphic Tee Shop!

Introducing the #ShopTCFStyle Plus Size Graphic Tee Shop!

Introducing the #ShopTCFStyle Plus Size Graphic Tee Shop!

I promise you that more will come to the shop, including different tee styles, lookbooks, and more! And to celebrate the launch we have a special code for you!

I am hooking you up with $5 off your purchase with code: thehookup

I have been scared to do this and I can just hear my grandfather sharing what he knew I was destined for and to not be afraid. So here I am, facing my fears, OWNING my ideas and going for it!

This collection is called the ‘Chic Collection,’ playing off the a few words, replacing a few phrases with the word chic! If you have been following us for a while, then you know that our tagline is Curvy.Confident.Chic.!

I wanted to show a few playful ways that you could rock these plus size graphic tops in a way that was still chic, playful, and forward and TAHDAH!

#ShopTCFStyle has been born!Introducing the #ShopTCFStyle Plus Size Graphic Tee Shop!

Well, what are you waiting for? Head on over to #ShopTCFSTYLE NOW!

Don’t forget the code: thehookup to save $5 off your purchase!

What do you think? What do you want to see more of from the shop? Missing a few of your favorite quotes? Let me know and who knows what could happen!!

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