First Look at Mango’s Plus Size Collection Violeta

First Look at Mango’s Plus Size Collection Violeta on The Curvy Fashionista

A few months back, I shared with you news of the plus size range from Mango, Violeta. Well, today the collection is live on their site and I take a closer look at their first delivery!

Now, I have to give a tip to Supersize My Fashion for reminding me about the delivery, as she shared her thoughts on the range, I had to see for myself! But before I share, I have to give you my expectations…

My Expectations on Mango’s Plus Size Collection Violeta

I expect the collection to bring in their core foundation of fashion offerings. While I do expect a few sexy and fancy pieces, I do not expect the traditional Mango range in all things Violeta, but I do expect the aesthetic… It is a European brand, so I am expecting a chic appeal to it, great lines and classic options…

Do I expect earth shattering silhouettes? No… BUT I am looking for a few pieces I haven’t seen elsewhere OR at least some of the same cool pieces from the Mango range…

Remember, this collection is not available in the US yet… so in order for me to see everything, I had to visit their Netherlands site to peep everything…

Ready? Okay, here we go… What I have done is round up my faves from the range…

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First Look at Mango’s Plus Size Collection Violeta

My thoughts?

The collection is what I expected it to be with a few great classics that would be fabulous in my closet. While I would have wished for more color and a few more bold and daring pieces, this is not anything different than what we have seen from Evans, ASOS Curve, City Chic, Eloquii, and a few other online retailers who introduced plus sizes!

You can see the full range here, at Violeta!

I look to see more and more plus size fashion roll out from the range as it does more. I also look to see more sizes as this range stops at a US 20!

I definitely look to see more come from this collection!

What do you think about the range? Did you want more? Are you in love? Let’s talk!

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    1. welcome to the omuhrikan [usa] way of thinking., i agree,these models r not plus sized! their legs have muscle wasting/too thin too be healthy/normal. they the americans dont use real plus size women, ohmurika.cant handle it. insterad we get mind poisoned into believing size 4-6 are elephants. this clothing ad should be pulled.

  1. I am really disappointed to be honest. It is nowhere near asos curve and even evans and the size range is misleading, they introduce it as a range up to uk 24 but only jeans go up to that size, the rest is up to a 22. I only like 2pieces and they both don’t fit my size 24

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