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Low Heel Love: Stylish Wide-Width Heels for Fall

Low Heel Love: Stylish Wide-Width Heels for Fall

Low Heel Love: Stylish Wide-Width Heels for Fall

No one can deny just how amazingly high heels can transform your silhouette. They lengthen you, improve your posture and give practically any outfit that extra “oomph.” However, despite all of the inserts and platforms in the world, high heels are never going to feel as comfy as your favorite pair of flats, in fact many women avoid heels completely because of this. Fortunately, there is a middle ground and it comes in the form of stylish low heels in wide widths.

They’ve been called low heels and kitten heels, but one thing is for sure, heels under four inches are not only a great alternative to those who struggle in higher styles, but they also make a world of difference in overall comfort. Low heels are no longer considered dowdy or something your grandmother would wear. These days some of the most stylish women in the world rock them with pride, including our fabulous former First Lady Michelle Obama.

A bonus is that most low heels also come in wide widths to ensure that comfort is the top priority. Get ready for some fall shoe porn and check out these low heels that will make you push your trusty flats to the back of your closet!

Low Heel Love: Stylish Wide-Width Heels for Fall

As this collection of low heels proves, style and comfort can coexist in a fashionable space. Forget what others think and embrace your own sense of style, even if that means wearing a pair of fierce low heels when everyone else is tiptoeing in shoes 4 inches and above. See you in the comments!

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Did you like any of these low heels? Have you bought any for fall? Where are your go- to places for wide width heels?

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