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Wearing Make-Up To Work, A Bad Thing?

Wearing makeup to work and how does makeup affect your self esteem? We address an article in Elle Magazine and post the question to you.

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I’m definitely not a make-up-nista. I only wear makeup to work on occasion and when I do its usually just concealer and lip gloss unless I’m going out after work. Otherwise, I only wear make-up when I’m going out or for special occasions. But, I’ve always read in magazines that women should wear makeup to work as it makes us look more professional.

Editor-in-chief of Elle magazine, Robbie Myers, is shattering the notion that women should wear makeup to work.

She says, “Here’s the problem with makeup at work, and I tell this to people in my office: if you start wearing makeup when you’re young, you’re going to be wedded to it. You get used to seeing your face that way and then you feel naked without it.”


I have to agree with her on this statement in general.

Personally, I know women who started wearing makeup as teenagers and now they refuse to leave the house without it. From admittance or observation, they were so insecure about anyone, even their boyfriends, seeing them without makeup. This was because they felt “ugly” without it.

I understand what Ms. Myers is trying to say, but I don’t think it should be relegated to work exclusively.

I think it’s just a rule in general.

Yes, anyone can look better with a little bit of makeup.

A little. Not caked on.

I think I look much more fierce with makeup on, BUT I know I’m still beautiful without it.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a little makeup if you want. Get your life!

But the issue is when it becomes a crutch. This can mess with your self-esteem and when you think you are hideous and not worthy of being seen without it.

Now, that speaks to a deeper issue.

I say wear makeup to work if you want or don’t. That shouldn’t affect your performance. But, do keep it classy and subtle during work hours. The nightclub makeup at work is not cute. But, most importantly, be OKAY with yourself and how you look with AND without it.

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Do you wear makeup to work? Are you a slave to makeup or are you au naturale? Love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I’m a makeup artist and I don’t wear makeup to work every day to my full time job and I have skin blemishes and I don’t have full eyebrows and I feel just as beautiful as when I beat my face.

  2. I’ve worked in many industries, for non-profits and for-profits, for men, for women, and I can honestly say, it doesn’t matter to anyone. What matters in business (perhaps not all but most) is the contributions you bring to that business. Results matter. Makeup shouldn’t. If makeup brings you confidence, wear it like armor. If being fresh-faced is your thing, be bold in it. Let your WORK speak for you, not your lip gloss.

  3. It’s extremely rare if I ever wear makeup at all because I just don’t care, but I agree with Gorenc and the author about not going crazy with it if you’re gonna do it.

  4. If you want to…yes. If you don’t want to…no. It’s all part of maintaining bodily autonomy. It’s your choice. I know in some areas it’s an expectation and in some work environments almost a condition of employment but like anything else you have the right of choice and it’s up to you.

  5. I wear makeup to work but I do work with some ladies who don’t – I need concealer under my eyes especially and the rest of my makeup is fairly light on. I think I look better wearing makeup to work and as I’m representing my workplace, I like to look presentable. But, to each their own – if you can rock no makeup at work and look awesome, then more power to you 💖❤️💖❤️

  6. I have to wear make-up to work. It’s in my job description. LOL (I’m a cosmetician and make-up artist.) But even when I didn’t have to wear it, I did. If I worked in an office, I’d still wear, though likely less dramatic than I do at my current job. But it’s my personal style and choice, so I respect that it’s not for everyone.

  7. Interesting. Work is somewhere I think you should wear make up–putting your best face forward and all that. I have been asked if I am ill or told I look tired when I don’t wear it, and though I find that enormously frustrating, I certainly don’t want to look ill! I have a job that involves interaction with the public, and I want to feel like I am making an effort. Not sure about the teenage thing…I did not wear lots of makeup as a kid. My skin is quite blotchy and that isn’t pretty, plus I have small eyes. I feel like I am doing the world a favor by trying to improve this mess!

  8. I love wearing makeup. I’m not a particularly creative person but makeup is where I like to experiment. It’s not for everybody and no one should be made to feel as though they should be wearing it, but I enjoy cosmetics and getting dressed up for work.

  9. I am a hairstylist, being in the beauty industry I kind of have to. Some days I wear less when I’m in a time pinch, some of my co workers don’t wear much more than mascara but I pretty much choose to wear a full face daily.

  10. I used to wear makeup to work until I got a job managing a warehouse that doesn’t have air conditioning. One day I decided to stop wasting my money and quit wearing it because I was just sweating it all off.

  11. If you like makeup, wear it. If it gives you confidence, wear it.
    If you don’t like it, don’t wear it.

    Why is this even up for debate? Why are women still telling other women what they should and shouldn’t do?

  12. i know that i am treated better, listened to more, and complemented more when i wear make up. i usually don’t wear make-up, but i have noticed a very stark difference between how i am treated when i do wear it versus when i don’t. makeup is basically a signal of obeisance to patriarchy, so women who wear it are seen as more respectable than women who don’t in a patriarchal society.

  13. I can’t think of a reason either way other than personal preference and workplace dress code. I’ve worked at places that say excessive makeup is a dress code violation. But I’very never seen it enforced.

  14. oh that is such a wide range of what people think make up is — for me it’s very limited … even when going all out some claim you can barely see I have any on ….. but others it means heavy colors. I think make up like clothing is part of our personalities and that I believe is part of why you are often interviewed more then one time — so I would go with doing what you feel is right and more then likely it will be right for work too — because they hired you 🙂

  15. I wear bronzer, mascara and blusher for work and that’s my go-to every day makeup. I love dramatic makeup for when I’m going out, but I’m equally as happy without a scrap on, and I certainly don’t worry about people seeing me without it!

  16. Depends on the workplace, and whether or not it’ll keep all day. I can’t find mascara that won’t make me look like a freaking raccoon, ending up under my eyes. So, for me – it depends on how often you can check your makeup, how hot it is, etc.

  17. Whatever I feel like… I usually wear at least concealer but sometimes a full face… I don’t need other people’s commentary however. A few weeks ago I got “omg you are wearing makeup today!” from a coworker. Ugh.

  18. I wear makeup when I want. I am 100% secure in who I am with or without make up. I am beautiful. Make does not make me more or less beautiful, just like what I wear does not. I use it as an accessory.

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