Accessorize to Maximize- Telling Time in Style with Swatch

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Hey Loves! Are you big on timepieces? I really think they make a wonderful statement about your style, mood or taste.  Today, with SWATCH, we take a look at a few that have piqued our interest. Do you collect watches?

Some collect fashionable watches for the heck of it, while others only will have one or two main pieces.  I have a friend who collects them but also has a few statement watches as well that are pulled out for special occasions.  I’ve also found watches are one of the most beautiful gifts to give someone.  It’s something about receiving a good watch that you love that can make all the difference in your outfit that day.  They can be conversation pieces and can also keep you in line.  As a girl who tends to run late, I LOVE wearing a watch!!!

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We’re gearing up for fall around here!  In gearing up there’s always this push for new accessories.  A new bracelet or earrings.  But what’s more timeless than a good watch?  Swatch has been one of my favorites for years.  Mostly because:

  1. They really can handle the rough and tumble of daily life.
  2. They make some really awesome and funky styles.
  3. You can change the bands and really customize them.

This season,  Swatch fashions two new collections, the  Urban Expression and Les Années Folles Collections.

The Urban Expression Collection is more of the colorful looks we see from Swatch.  I also love the fact that they’re offering great watches with a a basic style.  As funky as I like to get when it comes to style, I have a tendency to like my basics simple and classic.  I also like seeing twists on classics which is why the Rough Pink watch stopped me.  I can see now how it would be paired on my left arm with all of my other bracelets!!!   I also happen to love the This Moment watch – mostly because of the statement it makes about life.

The Fall Winter “Les Annees Folles Collection” is now ready to be set free by Swatch. Les Années Folles has pieces that are vintage, classic and feminine – all inspired by art deco.  I do love these looks.  I’m a fan of just about anything art deco so when I saw these – especially the Two Steps watch, I thought it would be a wonderful piece to own as well! Inspired by the “decorative arts of time gone by,” these watches present stylish, fashion-forward designs with a modern twist on tradition!


What do you think about the new collections?  Do you style your watches with lots of additional pieces and arm candy?  How would you rock these new Swatch looks?

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Written by Audrey Canady

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