#TCFStyle Roundup: Black & White & Striped All Over

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Fashion is supposed to be about self expression. Whether color, or patterns, or black & white outfits. Of course there is always that one person who thinks they’re the “fashion police” and they try to tell you what you can and can’t wear. This especially happens to plus size women. Thankfully us curvy fashionistas have learned to block out the haters and wear what we want, when we want!

One of the many “rules” I’ve been told was that you can’t (well shouldn’t) wear stripes. And if you wore them they need to run vertically (or maybe it was horizontal). What ever the case I simply did not listen! I wore (and still do) my stripes proudly and boldly! Turns out stripes look amazing on every shape…who would have thought (insert sarcasm here)!

These 10 ladies have also thrown this “fashion rule” to the wall and are wearing their stripes proudly! It just so happens that they were all in black and white too!  Take a look at our picks for this week’s #TCFStyle Roundup! Oh and remember that if you want to be featured you have to use our hashtag!

#TCFStyle Roundup: Black, White, & Stripes All Over


I had to delete this photo the other day as I broke my editor’s embargo. ??? I liked the dress so much I forgot myself. ??? Anyhow, you can read my review of this @lovedrobe dress over at @indieplusdesign/ I’d suggest sizing up if you like this dress and you have large arms/shoulders for your size (as I do) as it’s very tight on me in the upper arms and shoulders. It’s available up to size 30 in 4 different patterns including florals. #fatshion #effyourbeautystandards #bigandblunt #justmegorgeous #whatfatgirlsactuallywear #alternativecurves #nobodyshame #moreplusplease #stylebeyond22 #tcfstyle #honormycurves #fullfigured #fullfiguredfashion #riotsnotdiets #fatpositive #fatacceptance #fatandfree #plusisequal #dietindustrydropout #moreplusplease #horribleinternetfatgirls

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Looking forward to the weekend like…. #tgif #bringiton

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As you can see these ladies are not afraid to strut their stuff in some stripes! It just so happens everyone sported them in black and white! What other ways do you wear your stripes?

How do you wear your stripes? What other fashion “rules” are you breaking? Tell us about it in the comments!


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