TCFSTYLE: 5 Plus Size Fashion Vloggers to Know

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Hey girl, hey! You know how there is a term “Netflixing?” Well, I’ve been “Youtubing” hardcore lately. Plus size fashion You-tubing to be exact. There is a whole new world out there of plus size fashion vloggers who are doing their thing and I have found some inspirational plus size vloggers who I have to share with you, in case you haven’t heard of, watched, or shared yet! 

It was so hard to narrow it down to only 5 choices. Let us know if you like these finds and we can round up some more for your viewing pleasure!

My favorite types of videos to search are usually Beauty or DIY, but lately I’m all about the Fashion and Body Acceptance videos! I never thought to check YouTube for inspiration, but OMG, we found some! Some you may know and others may be new to you, but let me share with you a few plu ssize Vloggers to know!

In no specific order…

5 Plus Size Fashion Vloggers to Know

1. Sara Rae Vargas

Youtube Channel:

Subscribers: 321K
Video with the Most views: 1,275,258

All About Sara:

Sara is known for keeping it real 24-7. She is a hilarious mother of two cuties.  She is the type of Vlogger who will make you giggle with her honesty, because usually we have all been there and no topic is too much for this girl to discuss. Can we give a shout-out to how great her makeup is!!

She also has an amazing “Dear Fat Girl” series! In this series, I have a few favorite’s that I listen to, whenever I start doubting myself or am feeling low.  She also has playlists including: Fashion Videos, Makeup Tutorials, Body Confidence, Product Reviews, a series “Let’s Talk about SEX,” and for a more personal touch, Vlogs of her everyday life with her kids.

My favorite video by her is her HUGE Try on Haul she posted in April! It is so nice to see a real woman wearing Torrid clothing and how the clothes move etc. I feel like I can have better idea of how clothes will work instead of relying solely on the models who have airbrushed perfection.

2. Nene Tanae 

Youtube Channel:

Subscribers: 29K
Video with the Most views:

About Nene Tanae:
Nene is bubbly and hilarious! Her channel has lots of reviews on make-up products, hair products, and skin care. Her playlists include her Wig Hair Tutorials, Aliexpress Hair reviews and her Makeup Series. I really like Nene’s overall view and honest critique on clothing and products. Her Fashion video’s make you want to shop till you drop! I love her greeting, “Hey my Boo’s!” It is so sweet. This girl is warm and welcoming, you will definitely enjoy her videos.


My favorite video by Nene is her “How to Film Beauty Videos.” If you don’t have a lot of time, she added a time sheet in the description to skip ahead to what you need to learn! She gives you great tips and tools for filming beauty blogs, and she is budget friendly! She totally makes me want to start a Beauty Vlog!!

3. Cora Alvillar of VintageorTacky

Youtube Channel:

Subscribers: 368K
Video with the Most views:

About Vintage or Tacky:
Cora is a Freelance self-taught Makeup Artist based in the SF Bay Area. She studied fashion design in high school, and majored in Interior Design in college. She is known for her makeup tutorials, bright colored hair and Pin-up vintage and statement fashion! Cora has a large playlist that will probably suit AT LEAST one of your needs.

Her video playlist include Monthly Faves’,  Beauty through ages past, Is it a Dupe?, Celebrity recreations, Beauty Quickies, Beauty Makeup, Beauty 101, Anatomy of Pinup, Vintage Beauty, Halloween Tutorials,  Show and Tell,  Disney Princess Tutorials, Cora’s Curvy Style, Sailor Mono inspired Makeup, and of course, Cora’s Hair.

My personal favorite video is her interviewing Tess Munster and  Garner Style for MODE GLAM I’m going to link this video because it is not one that is on Cora’s Youtube personal page and its so fun to watch.

4. Curves and Chaos

YouTube Channel:

Subscribers: 356
Video with the Most views: 15,957
About Monique:
Monique from Curves and Chaos is a plus size fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle blogger . Based in L.A., she has playlists that include: Beauty Buzz, On The Streets Of LA, Style/Plus Size Fashion. Over the past few years, she has added more video to her blogging game and has a few must watch videos!


My favorite video is from her visit to a LA Dry Bar! I’ve always wondered about these since they have hit beauty blog posts. I totally want to go to one now! She may not have the high subscriber numbers like some of these contenders, but this gal has some watch worthy videos.

5. Loey Lane

Youtube Channel:

Subscribers: 257K
Video with the Most views: 2,552,531

About Loey Lane: Loey is a major plus body confidence motivational speaker!

Loey is a College student, army wife, mama to two fur babies (a husky puppy and a kitten) and a beauty-loving blogger. She just seems so genuinely sweet in her vids. I really like her fashion, it’s really motivating.

Her playlist includes The Curvy Diaries, Hauls, Makeup Series, Lovey Love’s, Day in My life, Reviews, Body Confidence/Body Peace, Makeup 101, and Disney Princess inspired tutorials.

My favorite video? i do not have just one. rather I love ALL of her body confidence video’s! I suggest every plus size girl go watch right away if you haven’t!

Soooo what did you think? Please feel free to share your favorite plus size YouTube Vloggers in the comments below so we can all subscribe and feed our YouTube addiction!

Did you know these fab fab YouTube Vloggers? Are you a fan? Did we miss your fave? Let us know so that we can feature them and shout them out! Let’s discuss! 

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