Fashion Blogger Spotlight: Catherine of Dreamy Realist

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Hope you enjoyed meeting up with Tiffany of Policy and Fashion last week.  This week, we’re staying in DC to introduce you to Catherine of Dreamy Realist.  Catherine offers up tons of life hacks for organizing your closet, packing, etc. Style-wise, she is a bit of a chameleon, pulling off lady-like dresses with the same ease as she does a polished downtown vibe.  Dreamy and real, indeed.  She is a plus size blogger YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!

Meet Plus Size Blogger, Catherine of Dreamy Realist!

Blog:   Dreamy Realist
Location:  Washington, DC

Plus Size Blogger Catherine of Dreamy Realist

How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging for just about 3 years.

What or who inspired you to become a fashion blogger? What led you to it?
Expressing my creativity, whether it was through cutting up magazines as a kid to make collages or my first job in retail, I always have felt a connectivity to fashion and style.  I’ve been amazed that each day you put on pieces that express who you are without even saying a word! I was at a point in my life where I was going through some life changes that were pretty stressful and I felt like I needed a creative outlet.  Used to always scroll through Pinterest and other fashion-related media outlets and I thought about how I wanted to share with the world my own personal style inspirations, and that is how Dreamy Realist was born!


 Do you blog full-time, for fun, as a hobby? Share your evolution!
Oh, how I wish it was full time! I am a firm believer in timing is everything and as of right now I do this on the side.  I absolutely treat my blog as a business, so it is constantly on my mind, which I love!

Plus Size Blogger Catherine of Dreamy Realist

What is your favorite asset? Your legs, arms, waist? How do you play that up?
I would have to say my legs! After years of playing sports, this was the one part of my body that I almost despised because I could never get boots to fit over my calves.  Now, I look at them as a blessing because they have taken me to so many places, and I am blessed to be given the joy of movement. I play them up by wear skinny jeans and dresses!


What are the challenges, if any, you face regarding being plus size?
No matter your size, whether you are a size 0 or 36, we all have challenges! For myself personally, it is frustrating when you walk into certain stores and their above-size 12 section is completely lacking shape, variety, or unique detail. Oversized sweaters are not the only pieces I want!


What’s your favorite thing about being plus size?
To be honest, I know that I am considered a plus size blogger, but I just look at myself as Catherine and to not be defined by the size of the jeans or top that I wear. I am just me!

Plus Size Blogger Catherine of Dreamy Realist

What’s your favorite thing about being a blogger?
It has connected me to so many beautiful, inspiring, and of course, fashionable women on a local level and across the US! 

Who/what are your favorite designers/brands?
There are so many to choose from! Lately, I have been loving Eloquii, Ellos, Asos, Catherine’s Plus, and a new up and coming brand, Curves with Purpose.


Describe your personal style.
It is a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes I feel boho; sometimes I feel edgy. So I guess I am an in-between. My favorite accessory is statement earrings.  They can always bring a look together to give that perfect extra touch.

Plus Size Blogger Catherine of Dreamy Realist

Which bloggers inspire you? Plus or straight size! Any bloggers currently on your radar?
There are so many this is really hard to choose! So here we go:


What do you think about where plus size fashion is today versus a few years back?
There are numerous online retailers that have really stepped up the game! There has been an increase in the range of sizes and the variety of unique styles that can be shopped all in one place. Also, I attended Curvy Con this year, and I feel like there are so many influencers who are creating a movement that brands are starting to catch on to.

What do you think or hear from readers, is one of the biggest myths about plus size fashion?
“If you are plus, you can’t wear a two piece bathing suit” WRONG! One of my favorite posts I saw from a blogger, and her name totally escapes me, but basically her post was all about how she wore a two piece for the first time to the beach and basically she said, nothing happened! No one cared! So why do we put so much energy in being so hard on ourselves. Get out there and don’t let life pass you by!


Are you working on anything or have anything to share? 
I have a lot of new collaborations coming up, which is very exciting! Recently I have combined my closet cleanout/organizing business into my blog.  I will be doing more posts on tips and tricks to let go of the material things and make room for experiences.

Plus Size Blogger Catherine of Dreamy Realist

Anything else you want The Curvy Fashionista’s readers to know?
“Nothing changes if nothing changes.” I have been living by this quote lately and I try to remember that each morning I wake up to try and be the best version of myself.

Lastly, what does Curvy.Confident.Chic mean to you?
I guess I can break these words down basically with yes I am curvy, yes I am striving to build my confidence each day through mental and physical health, and yes I am chic with my creativity of expressing myself through my personal style!


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  1. Dreamy Realist has a unique style! Love all her outfits, especially the ones with dresses. She choose amazing designs, where my favorites are florals, turtleneck sweater dresses, lace red ones, etc.

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