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Target Releases the Lilly Pulitzer LookBook with Plus Size Looks

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If you haven’t heard the news, the latest Target collaboration will feature American resort wear designer, Lilly Pulitzer! What makes this collaboration quite interesting is the news surrounding the plus size options. In this collaboration, 46 pieces in plus sizes WILL BE AVAILABLE, but only online. Despite those understandably frustrated about not having it available in store, I am actually quite curious about more than a few pieces around this collection!

Are you familiar with Lilly Pulitzer?

Ohhh I am! I spent many a day at work in a Newport Beach department store selling these bold, bright, and preppy wares! And I must admit, at first hearing this collaboration, I was a bit nervous and NEEDED to see the interpretation of the collection, which from the looks of it, is a cute and playful one if you love prints!

Launching April 19, the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection gives us 15 exclusive prints- FIFTEEN, that are exclusive to the collection! Prints that the Lilly Pulitzer team made specifically for Target!  The collection boasts a 250 piece collection that spans the family and home. They literally left no stone unturned here.  Clothing, shoes and accessories for women and girls, home goods and cosmetics, this collaboration has it all and ranges in price from $2-$150.

Do you want to see the plus size looks? Well let me show you!

Target Drops the Lilly Pulitzer LookBook with Plus Size Looks

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Look Book with Plus Size Looks on

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Look Book with Plus Size Looks on

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Look Book with Plus Size Looks on


Lilly Pulitzer for Target Look Book with Plus Size Looks on


I know!

Yes, an online only test of a designer collaboration. It seems that they have heard, are trying to rectify, and are moving with trepidation- BUT are optimistic in seeing how this goes. Joshua Thomas, a Target spokesperson shares:

“One thing we see with our limited-edition shoppers, shoppers who are really gravitating to these collaborations, is that they do a heavy amount of shopping online. It’s that purchase behavior of ‘Is it available yet?‘”

Okay, I get this and it makes sense to me, from a business standpoint… but what I do find telling and I am more curious about is the reference to its poor 2011 sales of the Calypso plus size offerings, sharing how “It didn’t work.” Now, they have regrouped, laid out a better plan- like telling us, and have even integrated the looks into the Lilly Pulitzer Look Book! Heyyyy Denise Bidot, I see you honey!

For those of you who are die hard Lilly Pulitzer and Target collaboration fans, this collaboration is a heavy one for us, right? They are looking to the success of this to determine the level of plus size involvement for future collaborations to come.

I MUST NOTE, there are more than these five looks that will be in plus, this is just the five they chose to use in their look book! THERE ARE 46 PIECES in plus in this collection! 46! If you want to see all of the looks, head on over to the Lilly Pulitzer for Target landing page at!

So, I want to know, who is shopping Lilly Pulitzer for Target?

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Written by Marie Denee

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  1. Looking forward to this. I have loved Lilly for years, but it is not available in plus sizes. I hope the collaborative collection sells out in plus sizes, both to encourage Target to include us in all future collaborations and also to let Lilly know that there is interest in a plus size line. (Of course, I email them about once a year requesting plus sizes and get the standard “no plans at this time” response.). Do you know what size range is coming? I hope it is the full plus range, not just a token 16 or 18.

  2. Can’t wait! I need a pop of color for summer. These will also be great when I go to Puerto Rico later on this year!

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