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Did You Hear? Swimsuits for All Expands Sizes to a 34

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Sometimes, when you call them out, brands listen. After a strong outcry with sizing and fit, plus size swimwear brand, Swimsuits for All, heard you. No really! Did you hear the news? Summer 2017 just got a hotter for plus size beach babes as the leading online retailer of women’s swimwear, Swimsuits For All expands sizes up to a size 34, with the launch of their resort collection. They are adding new styles and increasing their selection to cater women of all shapes, ages, and sizes. Talk about using your voice, right? Thank you Swimsuits for All for adding more plus size options to the mix. 

This move shows the power of your voice, our collective voice, and how retailers can evolve with the times. Seriously. More color, more sizes, more options. We are at an interesting place in plus size fashion, as the demand for more, the realization of this 14 billion dollar industry, and the opportunities can HELP their bottom line.

As retailers finally recognize style has no size or age, every woman wants to look and feel amazing, and that we are at different stages in celebrating our life, swim, clothing, and lingerie is no longer one style fits all! And Swimsuits for All is stepping up to that call. With Swimsuits for All, for the 2017 cruise season, they have added hundreds of new swimsuits in sizes 4 to 34 in every style — “sporty, chic, sexy and many more.”

And because swimsuit season practically year round, we decided to share a couple of suits that caught our eye in sizes 30-34.

 Swimsuits for All Expands Sizes to a 34!

Swim365 Red Floral 26-34 Ruffle SwimdressSwim365 Red Floral 26-34 Ruffle Swimdress



Swimsuits For All Adds New Styles In Extended Size Up To 34Regatta Sarong  Swimsuit


Swim365 Seafoam Colorblock V-Neck 26-34 SwimdressSwim365 Seafoam Colorblock V-Neck 26-34 Swimdress


Swimsuits For All Adds New Styles In Extended Size Up To 34Amethyst Serenade Swimdress


Swimsuits For All Adds New Styles In Extended Size Up To 34Made in the Shade Slit Swimdress


Swimsuits For All Adds New Styles In Extended Size Up To 34Swim365 Black Dot Skirtini 26-34 Set


Since the launch of their online store in 2005, Swimsuits For All has been guided by a simple philosophy. The company believes strongly that all women’s bodies are beautiful, and strives to help every customer learn to fully embrace their figure just the way it is.

We believe the same. All body are beautiful and deserve the look amazing. Right? Right. More than a few of these are cute. It makes me so happy to see this expansion of sizes that they carry. Now, while they have launched this range, the sizes currently do not include the GabiFresh Collection or the new Ashley Graham Collection, interestingly. However, this expansion of sizes (including sizes 4 and 6) starts NOW and goes forward.

You can check out the entire selection now online at

I dig it when brands recognize the need and make things happen. Hopefully as the demand increase, so will the selection, since the extended sizes don’t include the entire site, just yet. But wishful thinking and it can happen! Oh, and while we are wishfully thinking, I would love to see size 16s, 18s, and even a size 20 model working it in their catalog selection. It can happen, as other retailers are already killing this!


For now, this inclusion of plus size swim options above a size 3x is a refreshing start. We shall see what and how this grows!

Are you ready to hit the beach? Which is your favorite?

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Written by Pepper Martin

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  1. Omg…when I read, a size 34…I was seriously thinking in EU size….like “what’s the big deal? 34 in a petite size…” Okay moment everyone needs clothes and to feel good wearing them!

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