His 2 Cents: What is Your Perspective? The Rear View or The Windshield?

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Lead Image: Bill Frymire

Years ago, I was riding in the car with my dad and he asked do I know why the windshield is large and the rear-view mirror is small? I was 14 didn’t know the answer, he said

it’s more important to focus on what’s in front that what’s behind,the rear view is important so you can reflect on past mistakes but you can’t live your life back there you will crash.

At the time, I didn’t fully understand but as I’ve gotten older I realize how insightful my dad could be. I started this post with that because of the importance of focusing on what’s ahead not what’s behind.

His Two Cents: Windshield vs. Rearview

Ladies, today is a new day! Our lives have to be in front of us. What has happened has happened and you can’t change it. We have to shift the focus from whatever negativity has transpired in hope of future success.

Marie and I have had conversations about her biological father and his not being there for her and her desire to have that entity in her life. We talked about a void that hadn’t been filled.

She connected with him but sadly it is not what she built in her head the relationship could be. In our conversations, I’ve expressed to Marie her father not being there wasn’t what was wanted but she wouldn’t be who she is if he had.

Sometimes people are not in our lives for a reason. She has dedicated her life to positivity and uplifting the plus size community because of her feelings of never being good enough, she is in the windshield not the rear view.

She could’ve succumbed to the trappings of self-loathing or self-doubt, instead she created The Curvy Fashionista! Windshield!

Around Atlanta My First TCFStyle Brunch Series

I love Marie not only because she’s a great friend, but her drive, optimism and work ethic is awesome. So, I dedicate this post to my friend Marie Denee. You are an invaluable resource to your family, the plus community, and to your friends.

Although I’m not plus size, I now am more aware of the plight and now am more sensitive to others in the community, because of TCF.

I’m sure all of the fans of this site already know this, but Marie is a bundle of energy wrapped in coffee.

She is energetic and enthusiastic about what she does for her fellow curvy sistas.

Marie Denee in Catherines Spring Curvy Collection

So, in closing I just want my friend to take a bow, job well done. All the success in the world I’m praying you have.


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