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Because Sometimes, You Need a Plus Size Swim Bra

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A few years ago, we broached the topic of having a plus size swim bra… you know, what you need UNDER your swimsuit, to give your girls just a little more support? Well, as we are talking all about plus size swimwear this week, we thought it was important to also talk about the pieces you need to give you the support you have been dying for.

So, what is a swim bra you ask?

Well, this style was made to be worn under any of your plus size swimsuits or bikinis for extra support, with some even being finished enough to be worn alone as a bikini top. A Swim Bra’s main is to give you more support; especially for those of you who enjoy water aerobics, who like to dance in your swim, and needs your girls to sit UP!

While they were more popular in the past years, you find more plus size designers paying attention to cup styles, shelf options, and fit. However, even with all of this innovation, sometimes you just need a bit more.

So, as we are talking about plus size swim this week, we thought it would be handy to share with you a few  bra options and brands… (if you are not plus size, there are a few swim bra options out there that you can find.)

Take a peek at these options! Depending on your need and personal style, there are a few options!

For Support Under Your Plus Size Swimwear, Try a Swim Bra

Elomi Essentials Underwire Bandeau Bikini Swim Bra

Elomi “Essentials” Underwire Bandeau Bikini Swim Bra at

Lycra Xtra Life Whistler Swim Bra by Aquabelle

Lycra Xtra Life Whistler Swim Bra by Aquabelle at

AquaChic™ T-Back Swim Bra 1             AquaChic™ T-Back Swim Bra at

 Chlorine Resistant Zen Swim BraChlorine Resistant Zen Swim Bra at

Elomi Essentials Underwire Swim BraElomi “Essentials” Underwire Swim Bra at

Always For Me Chlorine Resistant Plus Size Swim BraChlorine Resistant Plus Size Swim Bra at

Do you see what I mean, now? Now that you got to see them up close? A swim bra could definitely come in handy with a few of these fly plus size swimwear brands we just shared!

If you are looking for more plus size swim finds, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter, so that you do not miss out! We will be dropping more than a few fun articles around all things swim this week!

Do you have a swim bra? Are you in love with it? Do you find yourself relieved with knowing that the do exist?

Let’s discuss!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. I bought a swim bra several years ago and LOVED how it fit. High and tight; after yesrs of wearing way-to-small xl bikini tops under my swimmers, it looked amazing! Until the end of our 10 sunny vacation when I started to notice a bizarre tanline.
    Instead of my normal tan chest, I had a very distinct, bright white diamond smack center on my décolletage.
    If I was laying down, my new swim bra was casting a shadow across my chest, and when I was standing/sitting my boobs were were so high that my face/chin cast a shadow too.
    I spent the rest of the summer answering questions about my new skin disease and fake tanning my chest.

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