Mayday! Mayday! – 7 Office Essentials for Your Business Wear Blunders

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A few weeks back, we talked about what to do when your underwire snaps.  When I started working as a “Career Woman, I didn’t realize all of the little “wardrobe whoopsies” that I would experience at the office. There were so many times that I wish someone was there to give me the heads up! So to help you out, we are going to share with you a few lifesavers! Here are a few items I keep in my desk drawer, for fashion’s little emergencies!

7 Office Essentials for Your Business Wear Blunders

Unstainable White Shirt from Elizabeth and Clarke

(this shirt above in Unstainable, by Elizabeth & Clarke! Deets here!)

  1. Tide To Go Pen:  God bless the person who created this. If you’re like me, you tend to spill – well, everything on yourself.  These pens are great when you don’t want to have spots from your morning latte on your top all day.
  2. Mini dry shampoo from Lush & comb:  Pressed snooze too many times and no time for a shower?  We’ve all done it. This product is the consistency of baby powder, and you can comb it through your bangs to get rid of grease.
  3. Lint roller:  Office wear tends to be dark and hold onto lint (I’m looking at you, black slacks).  Keep a lint roller in your desk to catch stray hair and other tagalongs.
  4. Mini toothbrushes:  No one wants to be *that* person in the office with gross breath.  Gum won’t survive past a couple of a days, so these are my go-to for fresh breath.   You can also go with a travel sized toothbrush and mini toothpaste.
  5. Mini deodorant:  You don’t want to be the person with gross breath, and you *definitely* don’t want to be the person with body odor.  Office heating/AC can be super weird, so grab one of these in the travel aisle at your local drugstore.
  6. Menstruation Supplies: Shoutout to mother nature for this one!  Grab a mini bottle of advil/excedrin/midol, and a few tampons or pads and tuck them in a plastic baggie.
  7. Sewing Kit:  Yes, this is found outside of your grandmother’s purse.  Don’t be thrown off your game by a button falling off or when your skirt slit rips.  Carry one of these handy dandy kit (or at the very least, some safety pins) for these emergencies.Sewing kit for fashion emergencies

And, of course, you’ll need something to put all of this in.  I use a travel makeup pouch for mine, and a friend uses a pencil box.

Did I miss something?  Share in the comments below what you keep at the office for fashion emergencies!

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