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Plus Size Cashmere or Wool Sweaters for Fall?! Oh Yes, They Exist!

Finally! Our voices have been heard. Plus size cashmere and wool sweaters are becoming available to us! Plus sizes in wool is just the start for the fall.

Not too long ago, plus size cashmere and wool sweater options were not available. It was a barren landscape of acrylics and other unfortunate fabrications that pilled if you gave them side eye and were about as warm as a stepmother’s breath.

However, things are changing for the better. Natural fibers? Luxurious knit fabrics? Breathable and snuggly (not snuggies!) garments are just a few clicks away and we have the most fashion-forward finds served up, just for you.

A Few Must-Rock Plus Size Cashmere & Wool Sweaters Options for the Fall

For the Girl that is Always Cold at the office:

Kent Striped Cardigan Sweater in Coziest Yarn

Kent Striped Cardigan Sweater in Coziest Yarn at

Mondays are rough, but you know what is rougher? Polyamide. You know what is soft and welcoming? Quality wool. This fun striped cardigan is office appropriate and perfect for hunkering down in your chair and powering through those spreadsheets.

After work, pair it with denim, a turtleneck, and statement earrings, making a casual but chic look for happy hour.

For The Busy Mom:

Jette Cashmere-Blend Jumper

Jette Cashmere-Blend Jumper at

It may feel like your life is less than glamorous, with diaper blowouts, toddler meltdowns and enough dry shampoo in your head to starch a collar, but why not throw on a sweater to declare the opposite? Maybe flying by the seat of your pants is the new glam!

This fun graphic sweater will keep you toasty as it is a merino and cashmere wool blend, yet easy to take care of as there is a mix of synthetic fibers as well.

For the Polished Princess:


Loft Plus Size Puff Sleeve Sweater at

What is more posh than a puffed sleeve sweater? A snow white puffed sleeve sweater. Loft is somewhat new to the extended sizes game, but they have packed some seriously stylish must haves in the less than a year they have been in play. This piece is no exception.

Add some pearl earrings, a camel coat and a slightly bored/ annoyed scowl to the mix, and you have mastered the Park Avenue look.

For the Basic Betch:

Plus Size Boiled Merino-Cotton Tie Cardigan Sweater

Plus Size Boiled Merino-Cotton Tie Cardigan Sweater at

Between making your avocado toast and sipping your pumpkin spice latte, you noticed a chill in the air. Time to reach for your long cardigan. Lands End serves up this modern classic in a warm heathered neutral constructed of boiled merino, to give it a felted feel.

For early fall, rock it as your outerwear, and when it really cools down, why not go full basic and wear it with a pom pom adorned knitted beanie, beachy waves and a glass of rose in your hands?

For the On Trend Cheerleader:



Remember those days of getting knocked up under the bleachers by the Quarterback? Neither do I. But I do remember chilly school nights and cozying up with an oversized cardigan. Relive those moments with this fun piece from Navabi.

It’s a little bit Gucci and a whole lot varsity. Just promise me you won’t pair it with uggs and leggings everytime it comes out to play!

If boyfriend cardigans are your jam, we have two other options:

Zizzi Longline Mohair Cardigan

Zizzi Longline Mohair Cardigan at

This mohair confection from Navabi and this slightly more streamlined piece from J. Crew. Both are perfect for nights by the fire with mulled wine and bag of sour patch kids.

Wrap cardigan in supersoft yarn

Wrap cardigan in supersoft yarn at

As this year has shown us, things are getting better for us plus sized gals in terms of sartorial options. Once straight sized brands are noticing us and our wallets and in turn are offering us fabrications and designs that before were just for our skinny sisters.

Therefore, exciting times and luxe fabrics are on the horizon!

Are you a fan of wool or cashmere? Which ones speak to you the most?

Do you already have an amazing collection of knits? Let us know!

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I'm a Canadian Gal who has spent the last few years in Europe living it up with cave aged gruyere and dark rye bread. I worked as a Fashion Editor in Finland, studied Fashion Styling in London, ate in Italy and got the subsequently necessary stretchy pants in Germany. I'm back in Vancouver, Canada, enjoying Dim Sum and Salmon Oshi Aburi with my two Black Cats, rescue Toy Poodle, and fantastically sexy and supportive Husband.

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