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Plus Size Art: Xu Hongfei Captures Joy in ‘Chubby Women’ Sculptures

I am always in awe of plus size art, sculptures, and paintings that celebrate life, showcase beauty, and evoke emotion. As we have delved into this feature, finding more and more cool art has come with more ease and I plan on showing more! We are back with our plus size art feature today with a really cool exhibition that has made its way across the world, literally.

London, Italy, China, Australia and France, Chinese sculptor Xu Hongfei’s exhibition has traveled the world, bringing a new and refreshing perspective on the plus size female form, often not seen. Xu Hongfei’s ‘Chubby Women’ sculptures are quite a delight and I dug into the internet to find a great set to share with you, as this exhibition has not made it to the states (and I am not sure if it will of not).

Xu Hongfei Captures Joy in ‘Chubby Women’ Sculptures

The ‘Chubby Women’ series is a tribute to voluptuous women, showing them in many fun situations.  Xu Hongfei observes that chubby people “tend to be more fun and more animated,” and it adds to the dynamism of his work.

Xu Hongfei Captures Joy in ‘Chubby Women’ Sculptures

How cool is this art right? I already see a few that I would not mind seeing in person, having a replica of (scaled down though) and others I could actually see in the yard (if I had one). You cannot NOT smile while looking at these. AM I RIGHT?

Who is Xu Hongfei?

Well, More London shares that he is “Recognized as one of China’s leading artists and current president of the Guangzhou Sculpture Academy.” As one of the younger generation of modern Chinese sculptors, Xu Hongfei interests are in the “simple, ordinary, and everyday pleasures” in which his subjects find happiness.

If you are looking to fetch a piece or two from this artist, save up your pennies! They are quite an investment! Check out for more information on these and other really cool pieces of plus size art!

Which one was your fave? Let me know, I wanna know! Let’s talk about it!

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Written by Marie Denee

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  1. I love them! It’s so cool how he captured the different textures and movement in the fabrics and hair! I think my favorite is the one on the morelondon page you linked to: the guy holding up the chubby ballerina girl–the composition is stricking & i love the way he positioned her arms. I just went look up more of his work–and i think i’m officially obsessed. It’s apparent that the artist has a true appreciation/adoration for happy chubby ladies!

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