TODAY: Join the #DiaARMy (Plus Some of Our Favorite Pics!)

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It is believed that today is the HOTTEST day of the summer. Temperatures are climbing across the globe and here in New York City, it feels like one could very easily fry an egg on the sidewalk. We are talking mercilessly, unrelenting, “Crank the A.C. to 1,000!” hot.  Can you believe that despite the massive heat that occurs every summer in New York, there was a time where I utterly refused to go sleeveless? 90+ degrees? I’m wearing a shrug, a cardigan, or even a denim jacket over my tank top because I refused to bare my arms! And as we learned yesterday, a lot of us feel the same way I did.

That all changed a few years ago, when I was stuck on a crowded subway platform for almost an hour in the middle of July. Wearing a sleeveless tee and long-sleeve black cardigan. Despite being terribly uncomfortable, I was so scared that people around me would make fun of my arms, so I kept the sweater on the entire time. The Universe taught me a valuable lesson that time, by giving me the WORST heat rash I’ve ever had in my life. I was miserable for weeks waiting for it to heal. Don’t be like I was back then on that subway platform!

TODAY: Join the #DiaARMy (Plus Some of Our Favorite Pics!)

Today is the perfect opportunity to join the #DiaARMy and practice your right to BARE ARMS this summer! And if you are unconvinced that today is your day to let your arms get some sunshine,  we are sharing a few of our favorite photos from the hashtag to get you inspired.

This response to this hashtag has been the body positivity win we needed for the summer, but how was it born? What inspired it? My lovelies… you know I’ve got the tea on that!!

The good folks at Dia & Co. noticed a trend in the feedback they received from their customers during the summer months. Despite the record-breaking temperatures this summer, they noticed that customers were doing anything and everything they could to hide their arms. They left emails and sent tweets and Facebook messages requesting the company stock cardigans, and pleading not to receive sleeveless items. Some even kept it completely 100 and let them know how much they hate their arms. Despite being currently in the height of summer and trying  their very best to keep  cool at Dia Headquarters,the team behind the brand found it unfathomable that women, like I once did, would sacrifice their comfort for fear of public scorn.

Basically, we’ve had enough of the arm hate! We want to inspire our customers to instead celebrate their arms!!

And celebrate our arms, we did!! Perusing the hashtag on Instagram, I found myself whispering “Yass, Queen!” over and over until it probably sounded like I was chanting a mantra! It is such an affirming experience to see women who look like you rocking something sleeveless and I do mean ROCKING something sleeveless. But you don’t have to take my word for it… Keep scrolling to see just a few of our favorites from the hashtag!!


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Yep… That’s me! Of COURSE I am a proud member of the Dia ARMy. And I invite you today to join us in a super fun day of body acceptance!!

Join the #DIAArmy and Celebrate Your Right to BARE Arms!

Here’s a quick reminder of what you can do:

  • Take (or find) a photo of yourself going sleeveless.
  • Post with the hashtag #DiaARMy & #TCFStyle
  • In your caption, tag a friend that you think should participate in this sleeveless challenge!

We believe your comfort on a hot and humid day is way more important than the comfort of some fat phobic idiot who doesn’t want to let you be great. So block out the haters, and let your arms go free today!  It’s time to exercise your right to bare arms!

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Written by Audrey Canady

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