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Plus Size Art: Boudoir Plus Tour by Photographer Jose Pagãn

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We are back to give you some inspirational and playful plus size art and to introduce you to the person behind the lens, photographer Jose Pagan. Jose drops his exciting and latest project, the Boudoir Plus photo tour, one that captures our essence and shows just how sensual our curves are.

Pagãn started this tour in 2016 by going in different cities on the east coast and shooting different models in the city by the hour. He came up with this idea because he felt a lot of inner city models and models of color weren’t having the opportunity and availability to afford and travel to other places to get their photoshoots done. With this, instead of models going to him, he will go to them. He sums up this project in three words “Real Sexy Curves” (*Standing Ovation*).

What interested me the most was his form of inspiration and creativity, life in general. Nature plays a big role in his work, normally enjoying getting his shoots done outdoors. But his main source would be the human, everything we do everyday is art and therefore he takes advantage of it and uses to create all of his projects.

Plus Size Art: Boudoir Plus Tour by Photographer Jose Pagãn

Adding a little music and fun in the boudoir photoshoots, he lets the model pose with no direction in order to learn their features and to feel comfortable, then later on helping them to bring out the poses that flatters most their curves.

I’ve always had an eye for creating things from nothing, so I guess my eye easily migrated into photography because of this gift.  I know I loved looking at people and their surroundings.

 I would find myself studying objects and the way light painted them.  I didn’t realize till later that I was an extremely visual person and felt joy in lines and curves that my everyday had to offer.

Being married to a “beautiful curvy queen,” his creative eyes enjoy shooting a ladies with curvy features and confidence that brings with it. In all his projects, the main focus is to celebrate the human body as a form of art. Of course, his advice for all of us is to love yourself fully and be confident to create the perfect shoot.

Plus Size Art: Boudoir Plus Tour by Photographer Jose Pagãn

We live in a society were lines dominant.  You walk around what do you see buildings, trains, and stairs, power lines; these all have lines.  Curves to me break up the norm.  It gives us range and sizes that are not harsh and rough.  

To me curves embody royalty, strength, pureness and the personification of nature.  It pleases my creative eye to shoot curvy women because I feel it is also a natural state of being.

I’m in love with his project and the love he has for the curvy ladies.

Plus Size Art: Boudoir Plus Tour by Photographer Jose Pagãn

How amazing is this? Round of applause for photographer Jose Pagan, for providing us with art showcasing plus size models and give the plus size community love.

To learn more about him and see more of his projects, go to

What do you think about the Boudoir Plus tour project? Tell me how you fell and more in the comments. Andddd.. Last but not least,  I want to challenge you to take a photo of yourself to showcase the confidence and beauty we, curvy ladies have!

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